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Rubber Duck

The Rubber Duck is a toy that appeared several times in Blue's Clues, Blue's Room, and Blue's Clues & You!.


The rubber duck is yellow with an orange bill and tiny black eyes.


Blue's Clues[]

  1. Mailbox's Birthday
  2. Blue's Favorite Song
  3. Blue Wants to Play a Game
  4. What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? (cameo)
  5. Math!
  6. Blue's Birthday
  7. What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?
  8. What Is Blue Trying to Do?
  9. Pool Party
  10. Animals in Our House?

Blue's Room[]

  1. The Power of the Alphabet

Blue's Clues and You[]

  1. 123's with Blue
  2. Song Time with Blue
  3. Happy Birthday Blue
  4. Science with Blue
  5. Blue's Mystery Present
  6. Magenta's Case of the Giggles

PC Games[]

  1. Blue's Birthday Adventure
  2. Blue's Treasure Hunt: A Learning Adventure
  3. Blue's 123 Time Activities
  4. Blue's Clues: Preschool

PlayStation Games[]

  1. Blue's Big Musical (video game)

Gameboy Color[]

  1. Blue's Alphabet Book



Blue's Clues[]



Blue's Room[]

Blue's Clues & You![]