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Roar E. Saurus (Also known as Roary) is an orange Tyrannosaurus Rex. He loves to practice roaring, though his roars are not scary, they are really just a little loud and particularly hoarse with lots of voice cracks, except when he works out. Roary is an imaginative and kind-hearted stuffed animal. He comes alive and has the ability to speak when Blue enters her room.


Roary is a main character in Blue's Room. He is the series' tritagonist and appears in most of the episodes.


Roary is red-orange with a turquoise spine and pink and purple polka-dots. He has turquoise feet as well. Roary has two black eyes and brown nostrils.


Roary has appeared in every episode of Blue's Room. His first appearance was in Snacktime Playdate. His last appearance was in Music Stars.


  • Several Blue's Room items spell Roary's nickname as "Roar E." Though this is correct, it is revealed in The Power of the Alphabet that Roary spells his name "Roary."


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