Rhyme Time is the eighteenth episode of Blue's Clues from season four. This was the second of the five episodes from the fourth season with a delayed-release according to Amazon and iTunes.

Characters Present


Steve and Blue teach the viewers on words that rhyme.


  • Question: What does Blue want to rhyme about?
  • Clues (3 rhymes)
    • 1. A Pail
    • 2. A Sail
    • 3. A Whale
  • Answer: Beach
  • Skidoo: Rhyming Storybook
  • Living room picture: A spool, then a stool, then a school, the a paddling pool (each picture has the word labeled next to them)
  • Kitchen picture: A pair of cherries next to a pair of strawberries
  • Bedroom picture: A drawing of Blue in a canoe


  • This is second episode with rhymes. The first was "Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme".
    • The fox with blocks (the ones in this episode were different) and the goat (with yellow glasses instead of red ones) riding in a boat dressed in a coat from that episode also among the rhyming animals and objects in the rhyming storybook (see below).
  • In the Mailtime Segment, Mailbox joins in the rhyming theme by first giving Steve one of his sweaters and then a block of cheddar cheese before finally giving him the letter. This should be a reference to Words, where Mailbox held up words that rhyme with "letter" while telling Steve his poem.
  • While looking for the 1st clue (a pail). Steve passed a several other things that rhymed:
    • a pair of felt friends that each wore a belt on the felt board
    • a jar with a star on it that was next to a toy car on the table between the living room and kitchen
    • a drawing of Blue with a bottle of glue on the refrigerator
  • The rhymes Mr. Salt included were:
    • head and bed
    • bib and crib
    • soon and moon
  • In addition to bear, chair, and pear; king,ring, and swing; and pig, wig, and fig; the other rhyming animals and objects are:
    • mouse and house
    • fox and blocks
    • goat, boat, and coat
    • snake and rake
    • hen and pen
    • snail, whale, and scale (see below)
  • This is the 2nd episode where Snail was pointed out, the 1st being "Blue's ABCs".
    • In her 2nd appearance in the rhyming storybook, Snail was shown on a whale (the 3rd clue) on a scale (an inanimate version of the bathroom scale from "Weight and Balance"), both of which rhyme with snail.
      • Both Snail and the whale interacted with Steve before and after he drew the whale in the Notebook.
  • The episode's title shares its name with a category on the game show Wheel of Fortune.
  • In the subtitles of the So Long Song in this episode, they used some of the wrong captions such as "But let's sing just one more song..." and "It's... it's great." from Joe Gets a Clue.
  • When Steve says “Our first two clues, Rhyme!” His voice is from Early Season 1, but also he said that pretty loud, but since Paprika and Cinnamon are sleeping, he had to be quiet.
  • This is Cinnamon's only appearance in season 4, outside his story of being born.


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