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Rainbow Puppy Adventures is a Blue's Clues & You! DVD, which was released on October 4th, 2022.


Rainbow Puppy is a sassy, confident puppy that literally sparkles rainbow! While she grew up in our Blue's Clues world, she's made it Broadway BIG in New York City! With a vibrant personality to match her colorful fur, she has a song in her heart and is always singing, dancing, and is positively bubbling with talent! She can be found performing in musicals, skipping down red carpets, and even appearing in music videos!



  • This is the first DVD to feature:
  • The only episode on the DVD that Rainbow Puppy doesn't appear in is Joshini The Amazing.
  • This DVD was released the same day as "Tickety's Big Musical Morning".
  • This is the only DVD of the series that doesn't have French and Spanish Audio, as previous DVDs of the series either had those audio available in all episodes or some episodes.