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Rainbow Puppy is a character from Blue's Clues & You! She is voiced by Brianna Bryan.


Rainbow Puppy's design resembles closely to Blue and Magenta, except that her fur is rainbow-colored. She also seems to be more bipedal compared to both dogs. Her pawprint is a rainbow as well, much like Sprinkles' pawprint. However, her ears are smaller than Blue and Magenta's, but larger than Green Puppy's.

Episode Appearances[]

  1. Our New Neighbor (debut)
  2. Mailtime Mystery
  3. Something New at Blue's School
  4. Sage & Ginger's Baby Book
  5. Rainbow Puppy's Skidoo Adventure
  6. Blue's Treasure of Clue Lagoon
  7. Blue and Little Rainbow Riding Hood
  8. Blue's Big City Adventure
  9. Blue's Wish Comes True!
  10. The Legend of the Jack O'Lantern
  11. Rainbow Puppy's Big Farm Fair
  12. The Big Blue Derby
  13. The Wizard of Skidoo
  14. Rock On, Rainbow Puppy!
  15. Hola, Mexico City!
  16. Josh Visits the Philippines!
  17. If You Don't See It, Be It!


Rainbow Puppy's first appearance is Our New Neighbor. She also appears in Mailtime Mystery. Rainbow Puppy is going on a skidoo adventure on Rainbow Puppy's Skidoo Adventure (which was to play Rainbow Puppy's Clues to figure it out).

She also appears in various music videos on the Blue's Clues & You! Nursery Rhymes YouTube Channel.

She later appears in Blue's Big City Adventure, where she holds auditions for her Broadway musical.



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