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Purple Kangaroo
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Purple Kangaroo is a young kangaroo currently attending Miss Marigold's preschool class. He is one of Blue's friends. He appears often in episodes of the Blue's Clues television series, most notably at preschool along with Blue, Magenta, Green Puppy, Orange Kitten, and Periwinkle. He is mostly in the Joe episodes, but sometimes airs during the Steve era. His favorite color is purple which is proven in "Blue Takes You to School".


Purple is one of Blue's classmates and also one of her best friends. He did not have a pouch until Steve and Blue bought him a blue pocket for Christmas. He is classified a recurring character in the Blue's Clues television series and often appears in school-based episodes of the show. He lives close to Periwinkle's House and the Blue's Clues House.


Purple is a purple color with pink on the inside of his ears. He has a long tail and a pair of large feet. He has two small black eyes with a big triangular nose.


Purple has appeared in several episodes. His first appearance was in "Blue's Sad Day". His last appearance was "Soccer Practice".


  • In "Blue's Big Holiday", we learned that purple's owner is singer/songwriter/actor Tyrese Gibson.
  • When Steve visited Austraila in 2000, he mentioned that Purple Kangaroo was from Austraila. He said that he was visiting the neighborhood once, and decided to stay permanently.
  • Purple was referred to her by Periwinkle in "Blue Takes You to School".
  • It was mentioned once that he has a sister.
  • In the episode of "Blue Takes You to School", Purple's favorite color was purple, but in the book of it, his favorite color was red.
  • In "Blue's Big Musical", he asked Steve if he was ready yet.
  • He is not in the song at the beginning of "100th Episode Celebration".


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