Puppets is the eighteenth episode of Blue's Clues from season four. This was the third of the five episodes from the fourth season with a delayed release.

Characters Present


Steve and Blue have fun with puppets.


  • Question: What story should we tell with our puppets?
  • Clues:
    • Boy
    • Plant
    • A Giant
  • Answer: Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Skidoo: Poster of castle
  • Living room picture: A person on stage waving, then surprised, then smiling


  • Sock Puppet joins in on the Mailtime segment and the skidoo segment.
  • This is the last episode Steve shot before leaving the show.
  • This episode is the second of two bonus episodes available on the DVD "Classic Clues" on January 27, 2004 with Rhyme Time.
  • Jennifer Twomey is the writer in this episode, and credited as Jennifer Twomey Perello.
  • In the Mailtime Segment, Sock Puppet wails the end of the mail song, and says that he's always wanted to do that. Mailbox has a mailman puppet which he uses to hand over the letter.
  • This was the second time to use the "A Clue, A Clue" line from Blue's Play.
  • This was the third and last time to use the "Notebook" line from Hide and Seek.
  • This is the sixth and last time to use the "A Clue" line from Blue's Sad Day.
  • This was the second time to use the "Thinking Chair" line from Art Appreciation.
  • This is the last time Steve was at the right side at the end of Mailtime.


  • In the Dish Network info of this episode, Donovan Patton (Joe) is accidentally credited in the cast.


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