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  • Executive Producers: Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, Angela C. Santomero
  • Executive Producers: Vince Commisso, Wendy Harris, Jennifer Twomey
  • Series Director: Vadim Kapridov
  • Directed by: Steve Burns, M.R. Horhager
  • Starring: Josh Dela Cruz as Josh
  • Supervising Producers: Nora Keely, Shevaun Gray
  • Producer: Paula Potts
  • Consulting Producers: Marcy Pritchard, Jeremy Slutskin, Steve Burns, Dave Palmer, Vadim Kapridov, M.R. Horhager, Jennifer Sherman
  • Line Producer: Eric Gomes
  • Production Manager: Kyle Whaley
  • Production Coordinators: Breanne Hutchins, Maddie Kroll
  • Production Assistant: Holly Pace
  • Based on Episode Originally Researched by: Dr. Alice Wilder
  • Animatic Research by: Rachel Kalban, Noriko Louison
  • Script Coordinator: Alyson Piekarsky
  • Character Voices
  • Josh's Friends: Justice James, Markeda McKay, Lucas Nguyen, Nalini Ingrita, Charlotte Tavares
  • Voice Director: Marilyn McAuley
  • Casting by: Marilyn McAuley, CDC, Julie Rose, CSA, Ann Maney, CSA, Danielle Pretsfelder, CSA, Lindsay Klein, CSA
  • Casting Associate: Beth Benge
  • Shoot Board Artist: Kanako Iwata
  • Storyboard Supervisor: Wayne Lee Pack
  • Storyboard Artists: Tom Cho, Kanako Iwata, Katherine Lim, Frank Ramirez
  • Storyboard Revisionists: Selena DiZazzo, Wen Ling Lim, Adarsh Peter, Chris Ramsarran
  • Art Director: Vladimir Kato
  • Funpack Designer: Mickie MacDougall
  • Design Supervisor: Myrthus Nacario
  • 2D Designers: Dilraj Gahunia, Melissa Lee
  • Background/Layout Artist: Sean Wickett
  • Layout Artists: Denis Gagne, Joshua Im, Andrew Manzanares
  • Background Supervisor: Melissa Rovere
  • Background Painters: Fraeya Pinto, Justin Mark
  • CG Supervisor: Zebulon Pike
  • Technical Director: Howard Cassidy
  • 3D Groomer/Lighting: Kosta Lavrinuk
  • 3D Modeller: Alexis Patoine
  • 3D Generalist: Preethi Venkateswaran
  • 2D Rigging Supervisor: Rae Dickey
  • 2D Rigger: Lisha Lin
  • 3D Riggers: Andrzej Kloc, Sean Sullivan
  • Render Wrangler: Akito Roberge
  • Scene Set-Up Artist: Brad Zimmerman
  • 2D Animation Supervisors: Huy Tran, Mike Yunker
  • 2D Animators: Leah Alcantara, Elizabeth Da Ponte, Wincy Li, Carlos Preto, Justin Salgado, Erin Switalski
  • 2D FVX Artist: Justine Howard
  • 3D Animation Supervisors: Jomon Andrews, Melissa "Luna" Hinks
  • 3D Animators: Denis Bejtic, Don Carlo Alvir, Crystal Fernandez, Peter Floyd, Chris Gilbert, Morgan Ginsberg, Heather Leach, Jenna Livingston, Jeff McIntyre, Elisa Almeida Ucci
  • Compositing Supervisors: Elina Iskoz, Roberto Palomeque
  • Compositors: Antonio Carrasco, Robert Dale, Nathan Day, Marianne Del Rosario, Jeeeun Reina Lee, Kadelle Liburd, Khoi Mai, Ivan Neveu, Mathieu Reygaerts, Salar Salahi, Samantha Skinner, Emily Tersigni
  • Live Action Crew
    • Line Producer: Ayah Hart
    • 1st Assistant Director: James Rait
    • 2nd Assistant Director: Michael Tassie
    • Director of Photography: Chris Elias
    • Script Supervisor: Soo-Won Lee
    • Digital Media Technician: Adam DeLisle
    • Sound Recordist/Mixer: Scott Iverson
    • Video Letter Directed by: Steve Wright
    • Key Hair & Make-Up: Kerry Vaughan
    • Daily Hair & Make-Up: Melanie Sleep
    • Talent Assistant: Ashley Kranz
    • Production Coordinator: Gina Lomas
    • Production Assistants: Devika Smith, Jason MacFarlane
    • Costume Designers: Brian Hemesath, Alexis Yamamoto
    • Daily Wardrobe Assistant: Natalie Welsh
    • Property Master: Samantha Roddick
    • Prop Builder: Mike Law
    • Gaffer: Kenall McColl
    • Key Grip: Ben Dundas
    • Dolly Grip: Jack O'Brian
    • Daily Key Grip: John Oliver
    • Daily Swing: Tristan Kulpa
    • Daily Programmer: Ed Kopp
    • Clue Drawings by: Jason Charles Hatton
    • Opening Sequence Choreographer: Amy Wright
    • Catering by: Blazing Kitchen
  • Head of Post Production: Allison Nantais
  • Post Production Supervisor: Sean Tolhurst
  • Editors: Jason Pichonsky, Deanna Scriver, Eric White
  • Assistant Editors: Phil James, Dan Silver
  • Online Post Facility: Creative Post
  • Online Colorist: Arlene Moelker
  • Technical Support: Andrew Klaassen, Danielle Mahaffey, Renee Nakatsu, Chris Quirk, Kathleen Tran
  • Audio Post Production: Beatstreet NYC
  • Audio Post Production Supervisor: Joe Franco
  • Supervisor Sound Editor: Matt Longoria
  • Re-Recording Mixers: Bobb Barito & Matt Longoria
  • Dialogue & Music Editor: Matt Longoria
  • Sound Effects & Foley: Bobb Barito
  • Assistant Sound Editors: Salvatore Barone, Jackson Roe
  • Theme Song Written and Produced by: Peter Zizzo
  • Music by: PT Walkley
  • Arrangements by: PT Walkley
  • Based on Music by: Mike Rubin and Nick Balaban
  • Business & Legal Affairs: Roni Hoffman, Krista Barron
  • Production Accountants: Daniel Gallucci, Ben Gustafson
  • Production Assistant: Maggie Camara
  • Executive Assistants: Lindsay Brittan, Thea Gagliardi, Rebecca Plaut
  • Special Thanks: Sign Language Center, Stephanie Cleaver Six, Star America Preschool, Affiliated Equipment, Dazmo Camera, Good Dog Digital, Stone House Digital, Total Two-Way, White Location Equipment Supply
  • Special thanks to the crew of the original Blue's Clues episode "Magenta Comes Over": Dr. Dan Anderson, Jennifer Barnaby, Chris Boyce, David Burger, Kevin Cardinali, Robert M. Charde, Ian Chernichaw, Rolfe Cunningham, Christopher Del Coro, John Diamantakis, Amy Dombro, Michael Dougherty, Jeff Feldman, Jeff Freidman, Scott Garner, Christopher M. Gelles, Allison Gilman, Yo-Lynn Hagood, Christian Hali, Amy Handler, Patrick Heffernan, Olexa Hewryk, Jane Howell, Penelope Jewkes, Nancy Keegan, Soo Kyung Kim, Holly Klein, Scott Klossner, David Levy, Betsy Nagler, Anne Nakasone, Danial Nord, Adam Osterfeld, Jennifer Oxley, Matt Parillo, Rob Partington, Peter Robbins, Skip Roessel, Morgan Russo, Dr. Karen Hill Scott, Michael Smith, L. Mark Sorre, Amy Starr, Irin Strauss, John Theisen, Yana Vainshtok, Trixy S. Wattenbarger
  • For Nickelodeon
  • Manager, Animation Production & Development: Marielle Kaar
  • Sr. Director, Animation Production: Kelly Fentress
  • Director, Production Workflow Technologies: Jack Reynolds
  • Special Thanks: Lee Ann Chmielewski-Larsen, Keiren Fisher, Cathy Galeota, Analise McNeill, Ramsey Naito, Brian Robbins, Russ Spina, David J. Steinberg
  • Vice President of Animation Production: Patty Henry-Robinson
  • Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon: Sarah Landy
  • ©2019 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon, Blue's Clues & You!, and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.
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