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"Periwinkle Misses His Friend" is the 26th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 3.

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Steve and Blue help Periwinkle find a way to make him feel better about missing his friend Plum.


Instead of heading inside, we meet Steve outside. He & Blue are hearing vroom vroom noises, so we have to go to investigate. We find Periwinkle, who is playing with a cardboard bus and seems to be talking to himself, although it turns out that he is actually pretending that his friend from the city, Plum, is there. Periwinkle just recently moved to the Blue's Clues neighborhood and he really misses his friend. He shows us a picture of him, he is a small, purple bird. Steve realizes with our help that Periwinkle is feeling sad and so we decide to help him out. When Periwinkle builds a city, Blue skidoos into it and after Steve tells Periwinkle what is going on, the two of them skidoo as well. In the city, we find Tractor, who needs help finding a friend. Tractor's friend told him where to look, but Tractor's not from the city and does not understand the directions. Fortunately, Periwinkle is from the city and so he knows just what to do. With Periwinkle's help, we track down this friend, Taxi, to a parking garage. Later on, we find Periwinkle playing games which he used to play with his friend. We found that these games do not work so well in the country, but we are able to help Periwinkle out to change them so that they work and are still just as fun. After that, Steve finds one more clue on a picnic table. After he wrote it down, he heads inside to his home and goes to the Thinking Chair. Periwinkle was outside writing a card to Plum and he puts it in Mailbox. Steve then heads inside to his home and sings the So Long Song. The episode then ends.

Video Releases


  • This is the second episode when Shovel appears without Pail in the credits.
  • The "Play Blue's Clues" footage is re-recorded.
  • In the intro to this episode, Periwinkle appears behind the tree and rides on the tire swing of a couple of seconds.
  • Pictures of Freddy and Fifi hugging and a picture of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper were in this episode.
  • This episode starts when Steve appears behind the house.
  • This is the only time Periwinkle skidoos with Steve and the first time he skidooed with Blue.
  • Steve's Grandmother appears on the phone call list in this episode.
  • Periwinkle's skidoo cue is the same as Blue's skidoo cue, except it's low pitched.
  • This episode introduces who Periwinkle's friend, Plum looks like.
  • "Periwinkle Misses His Friend" is the second of two episodes on the video "Playtime with Periwinkle."
  • A one-time animation is used so Plum can speak during the closing credits to this episode. He looks in his mailbox and finds a card from Periwinkle. He was very excited and decides to write and send a card back to Periwinkle. His voice actor is also credited.
  • The events of this episode are resolved in the fourth season episode "¡Un Día Con Plum!" ("A Day with Plum!")
  • This is second episode where Notebook! is heard from "Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!".
  • The make-believe city that Periwinkle made is based off either New York City, Toronto, or Chicago.
  • When the first clue was found, Steve was thinking that a plant grew.
  • When the second clue was found, Steve's ear was still ringing from the noise of the city.
  • When the third clue was found, Steve asked if there was another tweet sound (reference to the second game).


  • Tractor not knowing what his friend looks like in the skidoo segment does not make any sense. If Taxicab is his friend, then he should know what he looks like.
  • Nicholas Marti Salgado is credited as Nicholas Salgado and Courtney Taylor Burness is credited as Courtney Burness.
  • POSSIBLE: This episode was taped after Blue's Big Costume Party. Both episodes had the same friends of Steve credited.


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