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Periwinkle (or simply Peri) is a male tabby kitten from the city who first appears in Blue's Big Mystery. He is also Aly's pet. He becomes a recurring friend of Blue afterward.

Periwinkle loves to do magic tricks, put on shows, build forts, and do things on a grand scale. He's very outgoing and likes to collect things. Periwinkle talks and is a male cat. Among his favorite hobbies are being mischievous and practicing magic. Periwinkle is friends with Plum, a purple bird (or Rainbow Puppy in Blue's Clues & You) that lives in the same city he lived in before moving to Blue's neighborhood. Steve and Joe often call him Peri. His favorite color is red, which is proven in "Blue Takes You to School". He is voiced by Cameron Bowen, Kenny Kim, and the late Jansen Panettiere.


Periwinkle is an excitable and sneaky kitten who came from the city. He recently moved into Blue's neighborhood and met many new people in the new environment in Season 3. He goes to school with Blue, Magenta, and many other animal children and enjoys playing with others and practicing magic tricks (shown in Blue Takes You to School).


Periwinkle is a lilac tabby kitten, and he is bluish white with a periwinkle with blue triangles on his forehead. He has triangles on his back, triangular ears and a pink nose. Periwinkle has a short curvy and skinny tail and four legs; his feet have invisible toes. His right front foot is periwinkle and the other feet aren't.

In the reboot, he stands on his two legs, like Orange Kitten, and his front paws have visible thumbs, instead of walking on four legs like from the original.


Periwinkle has appeared in various episodes. His first appearance was in "Blue's Big Mystery" (as the answer to Blue's Clues). His last appearance in the original series was Bluestock. He made a return in the Blue's Clues & You episode "Our New Neighbor."

Episode Appearances (Original)

  1. Blue's Big Mystery
  2. Periwinkle Misses His Friend
  3. Blue's Big Musical
  4. Blue's Collection
  5. Café Blue (Customer)
  6. Imagine Nation
  7. Adventure (Kitten Castle Keeper)
  8. Bugs!
  9. ¡Un Día Con Plum!
  10. Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza
  11. Let's Boogie
  12. Blue's Book Nook
  13. Let's Plant
  14. Blue's School
  15. Something To Do Blue
  16. The Big Book About Us
  17. 100th Episode Celebration
  18. Patience
  19. Joe's Surprise Party
  20. I'm So Happy!
  21. The Boat Float
  22. Contraptions!
  23. A Brand New Game
  24. Dress Up Day
  25. Blue's Big Band
  26. The Alphabet Train
  27. Blue's Predictions
  28. Our Neighborhood Festival
  29. Blue Takes You to School
  30. Meet Polka Dots!
  31. Body Language
  32. Animals in Our House?
  33. The Legend of the Blue Puppy
  34. Playdates
  35. Soccer Practice
  36. Bluestock

Episode Appearances (Reboot)

  1. Our New Neighbor
  2. Blue's Mystery Present
  3. The Ghost of the Living Room
  4. A Blue's Clues Festival of Lights
  5. Mailtime Mystery (mentioned)
  6. Something New at Blue's School
  7. Joshini The Amazing
  8. Blue's Treasure of Clue Lagoon
  9. Blue and Little Rainbow Riding Hood (cameo in audience)
  10. The Legend of the Jack O'Lantern
  11. Firefighter Blue to the Rescue!
  12. Knights of the Snack Table
  13. Night at the Blueseum
  14. Pearl's Kickball Championship
  15. The Wizard of Skidoo
  16. Rock On, Rainbow Puppy! (cameo in audience)
  17. If You Don't See It, Be It!

Game Appearances

  1. Blue's Art Time Activities
  2. Blue's Reading Time Activities (In this game, he --along with Green Kitten and Purple Kangaroo-- are one of the friends at the library to work with Blue. This is for the "Completing Stories" activity.)
  3. Blue Takes You to School (video game)
  4. Blue's Clues: Preschool
  5. Blue's Clues: Kindergarten
  6. Blue's Big Musical (video game)
  7. Blue's Clues Collection Day


  • Periwinkle is the only character not to appear in "Blue's Big City Adventure".
  • Periwinkle is the answer to Blue's Clues in Blue's Big Mystery and The Ghost of the Living Room.
  • Periwinkle is the second clue in "Blue's Predictions".
  • In "Blue's Big Musical", Periwinkle thought the group inside the house were doing a magic show when they were really doing a music show. But because the Blue's Clues group needed more time to get ready backstage, Periwinkle did his magic show to entertain the audience.
  • Periwinkle was in Steve and Blue's house for the first time in "Café Blue."
  • Before Periwinkle moved next door to the Blue's Clues house, he lived in a city.
  • Periwinkle appears on the banner for Season 1, despite never appearing in any episodes in that season.
  • Periwinkle skidooed in "Periwinkle Misses His Friend" and "The Big Book About Us."
  • In the episode "Periwinkle Misses His Friend", Periwinkle wondered what happened to Blue until Steve tells him that Blue skidooed into the little city he had just built.
  • In Blue Takes You to School, it is revealed that Periwinkle's favorite color is red.
  • Periwinkle is first seen interacting with Joe in "The Big Book About Us."
  • He interacts with Sidetable Drawer in "Blue's Big Musical" and how they shared their feelings with themselves.
    • Sidetable tells Periwinkle that she wanted to sing in the show but never told Steve she wanted to. While Periwinkle had a similar response, Steve never got to see any of his magic tricks.
  • He only appeared in only a few episodes with Sidetable Drawer saying "Blue's Clues, I'm so excited" because most episodes with Sidetable Drawer saying "Blue's Clues, I'm so excited" were before Periwinkle's debut.
  • His owner was never shown in the original series, but first appears in "A Blue's Clues Festival of Lights." Her name is Aly.
  • Periwinkle returns in the Blue's Clues & You episode: "Our New Neighbor".
    • However, in Blue's Clues & You, he does not walk on all fours like his original counterpart. Instead, he stands upright on his hind legs.
    • He states in the aforementioned episode that his best friend from his old neighborhood is Rainbow Puppy, which may imply that after the original Blue's Clues ended, he moved to another city.
  • In the UK dub, Periwinkle has been female.
  • In Blue's Clues & You, his favorite stuffed toy is a red rabbit named Presto.
  • Cameron Bowen also does the voice of Bob The Ball from the HBO Family show, A Little Curious.
  • Jansen Panettiere also does the role of Robby Hobbie from Holly Hobbie and Friends.



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