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Pearl is a character from "Blue's Clues & You!". She is voiced by Sadie Trant.


Pearl is a bright white bunny with light blue eyes and a pink nose and rosy cheeks. She wears teal glasses with pink eyelashes popping off the sides, and when she is outside, Pearl wears a blue polka dotted hat with her white and red cane.


Pearl is a clever and cheerful bunny who has albinism, which affects the production of melanin, the pigment that colors skin, hair and eyes. She also has nystagmus, which makes her eyes move back and forth on their own. Pearl is always ready for an adventure and loves a game of kickball or lining up with friends for delicious frozen juice pops.

Episode Appearances[]

  1. Something New at Blue's School (debut)
  2. Joshini The Amazing
  3. Firefighter Blue to the Rescue! (cameo)
  4. Night at the Blueseum
  5. Pearl's Kickball Championship
  6. The Wizard of Skidoo
  7. Rock On, Rainbow Puppy! (cameo in audience)