This is a list of how Steve/Joe cleaned up the pawprint.

Season 1

Image Episode Method of Removal
Snack Time Uses a kitchen cloth
What Time is it for Blue? Uses a featherduster
Mailbox birthday clean up
Mailbox's Birthday Wipes it off
Blue's Story Time Blows the Pawprint away
What Does Blue Need? - Uses a hose

Blue's Favorite Song - Uses a Kazoo

Adventures in Art - Takes off art clothing and wipes it off

Blue Goes to the Beach - Uses a beach towel

Pretend Time - The Pawprint cleans itself off

A Snowy Day - Uses a snow shovel

The Trying Game - Tries cleaning it up with his eyes closed

Blue Wants to Play a Game - Plays Simon says by telling the pawprint to clean up. (Whoo-hoo!)

The Grow Show! - Uses a watering can and explodes

Blue Wants to Play a Song Game - Claps the pawprint off

What Does Blue Want to Make? - Uses his Newspaper Hat

What Story Does Blue Want to Play? - Makes up a story about a pawprint and it hops away

Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme - Makes up a rhyme about the paw print: ""

What Is Blue Afraid Of? - Pawprint vanishes

Magenta Comes Over - Blue comes in and brushes away the paw print with her ears going from top to bottom, and gets a high-five from Steve

Blue's News - Steve tells the pawprint to please leave.

Season 2

Steve Gets the Sniffles - The paw print moves away as Steve tries to clean it up. Steve explains to the paw print that he had the sniffles.

What Does Blue Want to Build? - Uses a contraption to wipe it off

Blue's Senses - Uses a key to wind it up and reel it away.

What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? - Uses a Magnet

What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things? - Blue recycles the paw print by removing it in reverse.

What Was Blue's Dream About? - Dreams the pawprint off

Blue's ABCs - Draws the Letter P in the middle and then the Pawprint pops

Math! - Counts it's toes

Blue's Birthday - Uses a tooter

What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture? - First he sprays the pawprint with a spraybottle, then he wipes it off with a sponge

What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day? - Makes music in the paw print, each part making a sound before disappearing.

Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! - Steve winds it up like a clock, causing the palm to disappear clockwise before the toes ring like a bell before vibrating off the screen.

The Lost Episode! - Steve remembers he has a feather duster, but lost it. It turns out that it was just in his back pocket. So he uses it to wipe off the pawprint

Blue's Sad Day

What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?

What Did Blue See? - Uses a mirror and pawprint's reflection does what the pawprint did

Nurture! - The pawprint sneezes and blows its "nose."

Blue Is Frustrated - Uses a papertowel to wipe it off but then he realizes the blue smears but then he stops, breathes, and thinks, and then he sprays it with a spraybottle

What Is Blue Trying to Do? - Steve encourages the pawprint to clean itself off.

Mechanics! - The paw print's toes position themselves like a helicopter's propellor and the paw print flies off the screen.

Season 3

Blue's Big Treasure Hunt

Art Appreciation - Steve adds colors and glitter, then removes it with a fetter.

Weight and Balance

What's That Sound? - It blows away

Animal Behavior! - Turns into a turkey and walks off the screen

Blue's Big Pajama Party - Pawprint starts yawning and Steve tells the pawprint to go get ready for bed

Draw Along with Blue - Steve draws another paw print, then erases both

Hide and Seek - Steve and the paw print play hide and seek


Blue's Big Holiday - The pawprint gets added to the quilt (it would later be shown among the new patches at the end)

Pool Party - The pawprint ripples as Steve mentions how hot it is, and he fanned it away with the pool party invitation list

Anatomy - The paw print dances off the screen




Occupations - Steve pretends to be a window washer and removes it with a squeegee

Blue's Big Mystery

Periwinkle Misses His Friend

Blue's Big Musical Movie - Hears Sidetable Drawer sing and Pawprint dances to the beat (sprouting feet in the process) until it hops off the screen

What's So Funny?

Blue's Big Costume Party


Blue's Play

Prehistoric Blue - The paw print turns into a Stegosaurus-like dinosaur and Steve and the viewer send it running off the screen by roaring at it.

The Wrong Shirt


Blue's Collection - Gopher removes the paw print from the screen to add to his collection.

Café Blue



Stormy Weather

Magenta Gets Glasses

Season 4

Imagine Nation-Pawprint changes into Turtle and it's 4 babies

Adventure - Pawprint neighs like a horse and gallops off the screen as Steve bids "Sir Pawprints-a-lot" farewell.

The Anything Box - Pawprint changes into a rocket


What's New, Blue?

Blue's New Place

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day

The Baby's Here!

Making Changes

Bugs! - Pawprint turns into a ladybug

¡Un Día Con Plum!

What's Inside?


Blue's Backyard Ballgame Bonanza


Rhyme Time

Let's Plant

Blue's Book Nook

Let's Boogie

Blue's School

Something To Do Blue

Joe's First Day

Joe Gets a Clue

Steve Goes to College

Season 5

Can You Help?

Colors Everywhere!

The Snack Chart

The Big Book About Us

Playing Store


Joe's Surprise Party - Tickety rings her bells and the paw print vibrates off the screen.

I'm So Happy!

The Boat Float

Bedtime Business

Shape Searchers

Blue Goes to the Doctor


A Brand New Game

A Surprise Guest

Dress Up Day

Blue's Big Band

Up, Down, All Around!

Story Wall

The Alphabet Train

Numbers Everywhere!

Blue's Predictions

Our Neighborhood Festival

Blue Takes You To School

Meet Polka Dots!

The Scavenger Hunt

Let's Write!

Magenta's Messages

Body Language

Blue's Big Car Trip

Look Carefully…

I Did That!

Animals in Our House? - Joe trumpets like an elephant and blows the paw print off.

Morning Music - Joe pretends to flush a toilet handle and the paw print flushes down the screen.

Season 6

Love Day

Blue's Wishes

Playdates - Blows the Pawprint

The Fairy Tale Ball - Joe waves his finger like a magic wand and makes the paw print disappear

Soccer Practice

Bluestock - Sings the Pawprint off


  • In "Snack Time", Steve cleaned the paw print off before saying: "Remember, Blue's paw prints will be on the clues: Blue's Clues.". In the other episodes, this quote is said before the paw print removal.
  • Before "The Clues We've Found!" segment in "100th Episode Celebration", Blue put her paw print on the screen, but it wasn't removed in that episode.
    • Although there aren't any paw print removals in that episode, the one from "Occupations" was part of "The Laughs We've Had!" segment.
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