The Pawprint in the original Blue's Clues

The Pawprint, also spelled as "Paw Print", is an object that Blue's left paw has.


The pawprint is among the most iconic and most important part of the show. It symbolizes the clues for every episode.

Blue starts the game of Blue's Clues by placing a pawprint on the screen, and then the host sings We Are Gonna Play Blue's Clues, and then says "Blue's pawprint will be on the clues, Blue's Clies". Afterwards, the pawprint would be clean off so the game can start.

At times, some pawprints have been shown to be capable of self movement and sometimes sentience and might even communication in a form of squeaking.


The paw print mainly consists of a large metacarpal pad (palm) with 4 digital pads (toes).

Usually, pawprint's color is a blue color.

However, some episodes have different colors. In Nurture! the paw print for the 3rd clue (Turquoise) is purple (likely due to an error). In Art Appreciation, when Steve had an inspiration to design he pawprint, he uses the paintbrush to color the pawprint, in different colors. In Prehistoric Blue, the colors were changing (as with the 3rd clue).

In Imagine Nation, when Steve tried to clean up the pawprint, he imagined that the pawprint were turned into turtles.

Magenta and Green Puppy have their own paw prints shown in "Blue's Big Musical" that come in magenta and green respectively.

A sparkly gold version of the paw print called the Gold Pawprint appears in "Meet Blue's Baby Brother".

In Blue's Clues & You!, the paw print is more of a sparkly sky blue color with more 3-dimensional edges. Magenta's pawprint in this series is just like Blue's but in a magenta color.


The paw print appears in about every episode of Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!.

Paw prints were the 3rd clue in "Inventions", symbolized by three pawprints on a blueprint sheet, and the first clue in Blue's Big Holiday.


  • Multiple paw prints were placed on clues in early season 1, but in later episodes, only a single paw print is placed for each clue. However the latest it was seen was Art Appreciation at the last clue.
  • The paw print served as part of the logo for Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You! (in a sky blue color for the latter and sometimes the former).  
  • From 2001-2004, the Nick Jr. logo associated with the original show was also shown as paw prints (the bigger "Nick" one is orange, and the smaller "Jr." one is blue).
    • Ironically, that was used for the DVD "Rhymes and Riddles" from "Dora the Explorer". This is an absolute error.
  • The paw print was used to symbolize the show in some versions of the Coming Up Next bumpers for Blue's Clues on Noggin from 2000-2002.


Variants of the pawprint

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