Paprika is a main character on Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!.


Paprika is Mr. Salt's and Mrs. Pepper's daughter. She was born in the season one finale. Unlike her parents, she does not speak with a French accent. Many of Paprika's belongings are made from typical food items, such as her orange rattle and peanut crib. Her favorite toy is a gummy teddy bear.

In the fourth season, Paprika grows older and becomes a toddler. She trades her peanut crib away for a miniature bed and acts as a role model to her new younger brother, Cinnamon. Cinnamon takes her place as the youngest member of the Blue's Clues house in the last three seasons. That is until the reboot, in which the newborn twins, Sage and Ginger, take Cinnamon's place in terms of youngest shaker to be born by Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.


Paprika is mostly a red-brown color. She has a gray-colored cap with three holes on the top, a pink mouth, and two black arms. In the first three seasons, Paprika is very short. She grows taller in the fourth season, when she becomes Cinnamon's older sister.


Paprika appears in many episodes of Blue's Clues. Her first appearance was in "Blue's News." Her last appearance in an episode of Blue's Clues was in the series finale, "Bluestock." She makes an additional appearance in the Blue's Room special "Meet Blue's Baby Brother."


  • In the original series, Paprika was the first of three main characters introduced later than "Snack Time," the others being Cinnamon and Joe.
  • Paprika was the second clue in "What's New, Blue?."
  • Many toys and promotions refer to her as Baby Paprika.
  • In Blue's Clues & You!, Paprika is usually seen holding a smartphone. It’s implied she’s a preteen.
  • "Nurture!" and "Love Day" are the only 2 episodes Paprika cries.



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