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Pajama Party With Blue Coloring Book

This Coloring Book Was Published By Landoll's In 2000 Its Also Includes A Paint Palette On Every Page Where You Can Paint It With Water This Is The Coloring Book Version Of The Episode

Characters Present[]


  • Question: What Does Blue Want To Do At The Pajama Party?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Sleeping Bag
    • 2. A Lamp
    • 3. A Book
  • Answer: Read A Book
  • Living room picture: Outer Space


  • In The Picture Frame, It Had An Outerspace Picture, In The Episode It Was The Skidoo Segment, But In The Coloring Book, There Was No Skidoo Segment
  • The Title Of The Coloring Book Had The Same Name For The Reboot Episode
  • In The Episode Version Sidetable Drawer Was Asleep But In The Coloring Book Version Sidetable Drawer Was Awake
  • This Is Horace's Very First Time To Appear In A Blue's Clues Coloring Book
  • In The Coloring Book Version No So Long Song Segment In This Book, But In The Episode Version Blue's Big Pajama Party there was The So Long Song.