"Pajama Party with Blue" is the sixteenth episode of the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of Blue's Big Pajama Party.



  • Question: What does Blue want to do tonight?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Sleeping Bag
    • 2. A Lamp
    • 3. A Book
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Read a Book
  • Living room picture: Space (skidoo location)


Blue and Josh host a Pajama Party.


Josh and Blue welcome us to the pajama party. He is ready, he has on his blue-striped pajamas and bunny slippers. Of course, it would not be any fun if we just went right to sleep and Josh certainly seems to think so; he insists that he is not sleepy, despite evidence of yawning. After Mr. Salt puts Sage and Ginger to bed, Josh asks Blue what she wanted to do tonight. Blue decided to play a nighttime game of Blue’s Clues. So before getting ready for bed, we have some fun. We head outside, where we find Shovel and Pail listening to the sounds of the night. We learn that there are some animals that stay awake at night. We identify an owl by his hoot and a squeaking bat. All of these animals are nocturnal; they are awake at night and then rest during the daytime. Josh then finds the second clue on a lamp. After Josh gets a cozy blanket from his grandma in the mail, Josh thinks of a deep question: Just why is it that we have night? Blue and Josh became "Pajamanauts" and skidoo into space, where they have a chat with the sun and the Earth and learn that the sun is always shining, but because the earth is always spinning, parts of it are in a shadow, away from the sun's light, thus causing night. After learning about night to day, they then skidoo back home, just as the late night approaches. He takes off his blanket cape and puts it back in place. He then finds one last clue, which is a book, sitting on a table next to the front door. He draws the clue and sits on the Thinking Chair. The answer was: reading a book. Everyone gets ready for bed and Josh reads a bedtime book called "Goodnight, Bird" to the others. After reading, Josh sings the So Long song in a soft manner while playing his Handy Dandy Guitar. After they went to bed, Josh says “goodnight” and the episode ends.

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Pajama Party with Blue

Pajama Party with Blue


  • This is the first episode in the reboot to take place at night and this is also the first time the theme song had a variant. The variant is that when the song is halfway through, the sky turns to sky blue to sunset purple.
  • This is the second episode in the reboot to skidoo in space.
  • The nighttime tune for The So Long Song was first featured in Big News with Blue.
  • It is revealed that Josh has a grandmother.
  • This is the first episode where Josh does not get a video letter or email.


  • There are some characters differences:
    • Sage and Ginger appear in this episode but not in the original episode.
    • Paprika appears in the original episode, but not in the remake.
    • Magenta also appears in the remake, but not in the original.
  • When Josh got rid of the pawprint, he immediately started to play Blue’s Clues. But in the original, Steve got the notebook and then started playing Blue’s Clues.
  • The lightning bug didn’t make an appearance at the beginning in the remake.
  • In the original, Steve told the viewers they should be here for the pajama party, but in the remake Josh & Blue welcomed the viewers to the pajama party.
  • In the original, Blue didn’t wear her pajamas until she goes to the bedroom to pick out a book, but in the remake, Blue wore her pajamas throughout the entire episode.
  • In the remake, Josh pretended to be a bunny when he said that his bunny slippers would like to hop there, but in the original, Steve said that his feet feel ridiculously fuzzy right now before walking to the dining table to see what Blue & Tickety-Tock noticed.
  • In the remake, Mrs. Pepper & Mr. Salt called Josh to see the sun going down, but in the original, Mrs. Pepper & Mr. Salt didn’t call Steve.
  • Shovel used a lantern on a stick instead of a flashlight.
  • The cricket did not make an appearance in the episode.
  • In the original, Steve did yawn and the bat asked if he was tired. In the remake, Josh never yawned.
  • In space, Earth was male and the moon was not shown.
    • The earth was like the real one in the episode, but was clay stop motion in the original.
      • Additionally, it wasn't until Josh asked how there was day and night when the earth's eyes and mouth appeared. In the original, the earth had them the whole time.
      • He also spun correctly in the reboot, while in the original the earth vertically spun clockwise.
    • The moon that appeared in "Good Night Bird" remained however.
  • In the original series Steve whispers almost the entire Mailtime song, but sings loud in the middle of it by accident. In the reboot, Josh whispers the entire Mailtime song, but then tries to sing the last "Mail" in a loud voice, then sings the last "Mail" in a quiet voice.
    • In the reboot, Blue barks in whisper after the Mailtime song. In the original, she did not bark.
  • In this episode, Josh got a package from his grandma instead of a letter. This is the very 1st time that a package has been shown in the Mailtime segment in the entire Blue's Clues franchise.
  • This is the first episode to have the song “We Just Got A Package”.
  • In the original, Steve sang the “So Long Song” all by himself without Blue with him, but in the remake, Josh sang the “So Long Song” while Blue and the other characters were with him.
  • The Sleeping Bag was purple with white spots. In the original, it was colored blue with light blue spots
  • Josh does not interact with Sidetable Drawer because he had his notebook/phone with him already.
  • The bathroom scene was absent from the original episode. The bedroom scene immediately shows up after Blue's Clues is solved.
  • The pages of Goodnight bird we're inanimate in the original. In the reboot, they we're animated.


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