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Pail is a main character on Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!.


Pail is the sister of Shovel and is often outside in the sandbox filling herself with sand. She enjoys making sandcastles and usually gives a hand to Steve or Joe when they are looking for Blue's Clues. She has an active imagination and wants to become a vet when she is an adult along with Shovel.


Pail is red with a white handle. The ends of her handle that connect to her body are swirl-shaped. Her eyes and eyebrows are black and her mouth is yellow. Her color scheme is the inverse of Shovel, who is yellow with a red mouth. In the original series, Pail, Shovel, and Slippery were the only main characters with permanent eyebrows.


Counting the opening and credit sequences, Pail has appeared in nearly every episode of Blue's Clues. Her first appearance was in "Snack Time." Her last appearance on Blue's Clues was "Bluestock." She makes an additional appearance in the Blue's Room special "Meet Blue's Baby Brother."




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