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Orange Kitten is a kitten currently attending Miss Marigold's preschool class along with Blue, Magenta, Purple Kangaroo, Green Puppy, and Periwinkle (according to Blue Takes You to School), conveniently named after her color and species. She is one of Blue's best friends. She has appeared in some episodes of the Blue's Clues television series and is classified as a recurring character in the show. Her favorite color is pink which is proven in "Blue Takes You to School".


Orange is one of Blue's many friends from preschool, a young orange cat owned by a female human named Sam. The character celebrates Hanukkah with Sam, meaning that her owner's family is Jewish.


Orange Kitten is flame orange with a small, triangular, dark pink nose. She has darker whiskers and a desert sand tummy and muzzle, plus several stripes of the same color on her head and tail (3 triangular ones on her head [her ears are located between the stripes], and up to 3 stripes around her tail). She also has a pair of small black eyes and eyebrows.


Orange Kitten has appeared in some episodes. Her first appearance was in "Blue's Sad Day". She also appeared in the reboot in Sad Day with Blue.


  • In "Blue's Big Holiday", it is revealed that Orange Kitten is owned by a female human named Sam. In that very episode, she and Sam can be seen celebrating Hanukkah. Though it was probably for demonstrative purposes only, it could be speculated that one, or both of them are of the Jewish faith, or have an interest in Jewish culture.
  • Orange Kitten was the first cat to appear, others being Green, Blue, Yellow, and Periwinkle.
  • She appeared on the call reminder on the bulletin board in "Animal Behavior!".
  • She appeared in 2 episodes on the card picture on table in "Pool Party" & "Blue's School".
  • She could be based on the original design of Blue.
  • Orange Kitten got shy when she wanted to join her friends to play dress-up. This happened in "Shy."
  • In "Blue Takes You to School", Orange Kitten's favorite color was pink.
    • In that same episode, Orange Kitten gave Periwinkle a picture that had a group of friends on it as a welcoming gift for his first day of school.
  • Orange Kitten was mad at Periwinkle in two episodes.
    • The first was in "Blue Takes You to School" because she got mad at Periwinkle because he got her and Green Puppy wet.
      • The second was in "Soccer Practice", Orange Kitten got mad at Periwinkle because when she was trying to shoot the goal, but Periwinkle ran up to the ball and took it.
  • Orange Kitten and Duck made a cameo in "Blue's Big Car Trip" and Orange Kitten also made a cameo in the waiting room in "Blue Goes to the Doctor".


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