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Numbers Everywhere! is the 22nd episode of Blue's Clues from Season 5.

Characters Present[]


Learn some bigger numbers as Joe and Blue show the viewers some numbers everywhere.


Today, we explore numbers, counting and basic arithmetic. We help out to find missing numbers by using counting to figure out where they're hiding. We also skidoo into a book filled with numbers. There, we help out a couple of different numbers to tell a story and learn addition and subtraction in the process.


  • Question: What is Blue's favorite number?
  • Number Clues:
    • 1. 0
    • 2. 1
    • 3. Another 0
  • Answer: 100
  • Skidoo location: A book of numbers
  • Living room picture: The number 1, then the number 2 with 2 stripes, then the number 3 with 3 stripes
  • Felt Frame picture: 5 felt bees (later containing the number 5)
  • Colored Shirt: Blue


Video Releases[]


  • Mailbox and Sidetable Drawer didn't appear at the end of the episode because they were very busy.
  • Throughout the entire closing credits to this episode, instead of the page flipping, it was cut from the ending, the character animations were absent as they counted out 100 flowers.
    • After the credits finished (around 67 flowers), the counting continued until they reached 100 flowers covering almost the whole white background.
      • Then Blue comes out from the center, and cuts to the usual outro where she chases her ball, after the title fades to black, the 1999-2005 Nick Jr. Productions logo plays normally after.
        • Due to the flowers, only Blue appears. This has not happened since Blue's News.
          • Split-screen airings from 2004 - 08 do not have it, instead they have promos for other Nick Jr. shows, followed by the closing book from Our Neighborhood Festival.
  • This is the last episode where the credits flip from page to page all the way. However, the beginning of the credits all way to "Line Producer" will still flip from page to page, with the exceptions of The Scavenger Hunt, Animals in Our House?, and Morning Music.
  • This is the second episode with numbers. The first one was "Math!".
  • This episode appeared on the 2003 VHS/DVD release of Blue Takes You To School.
    • This episode also appeared on the compilation DVD titled Nickelodeon Let's Learn 123s. On the compilation DVD titled Nickelodeon Let's Learn 123s, the 1999-2005 Nick Jr. Productions logo gets plastered by the 2009 Nickelodeon productions logo with 2013 copyright.
  • This is the only episode where Tickety skidoos.
  • When the third clue was found, the sound of Joe's Notebook was high pitched to match the song Another Blue's Clues Day and his vocals were slightly late.
  • This is Joe's version of Math!.
  • This is the fourth time the credits were longer than usual.
  • This episode is the third time that Blue sounds excited when she places her pawprint on the screen at the start of the Blue's Clues game.
  • This episode is featured on Fisher-Price's "InteracTV".
  • Joe's favorite number is 1.
  • This is the second and last episode that uses the "No, a clue!" phrase from Periwinkle Misses His Friend and the "Thinking Chair!" phrase from Blue's Big Band.
  • This marks the first episode since "Blocks" where we see Blue skidoo after the final clue from the skidooed location.
  • Joe wears a blue squared shirt in this episode.
  • This episode does not use the Play Blue's Clues footage from Bedtime Business, but it still uses the Mailtime footage from "Up Down, All Around!".
  • Mr. Salt appears without Mrs. Pepper in this episode, and Paprika appears without Cinnamon in this episode, but Mr. Salt didn't appears again with Mrs. Pepper on the credits, and Paprika didn't appears again with Cinnamon in the credits.
  • In the kitchen scene, the picture with seven flowers was the only one that wasn't mentioned.
  • This is the 5th time the letter segment was a music video instead of a regular segment.
  • After the So Long Song, Joe does not say, "Bye bye!". Instead, he asks the viewers, "Okay. Are you ready to count to 100?" and says, "Count with us.".
    • This is also the only time the regular white background appears without the paper sounds.
  • This is the first episode since What Story Does Blue Want to Play?, in terms of airing and broadcast order, to feature only Blue in the end credits, if not, the Season 3 long episode and direct-to-video movie, Blue's Big Musical, would be the last to do so.
  • This is the fifth episode to feature a song happening in the letter video without greetings and goodbyes. The first time this happened was in Magenta Gets Glasses. The second time this happened was in Let's Boogie. The third time this happened was in Can You Help?. The fourth time this happened was in Blue Goes to the Doctor. This will happen again later in Bluestock, but only in that episode by They Might Be Giants.


  • Throughout the episode, the captions misspelled Tickety's name as "Tikkety."
  • Joe's notebook sound was high-pitched that matches the song Another Blue's Clues Day, and his vocals were slightly late, this happened when he was finding the third clue.
  • Joe's drum roll wasn't heard when Joe finds the second and third clue.


Watch Episode[]

This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.
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