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Some versions of Noggin's original logo

Noggin is an edutainment brand launched on February 2, 1999. It was co-founded by MTV Networks (the owners of Nickelodeon) and Sesame Workshop. It started out as a cable TV channel and a website, both centered around the concepts of imagination, creativity, and education. Since 2015, Noggin has been a streaming service.

Blue's Clues and Blue's Room reruns aired on the original Noggin channel. When Noggin was relaunched as a streaming service in 2015, Blue's Clues and Blue's Room were added to the app. Blue's Clues & You! was added to the Noggin app in 2019.


Noggin's creation dates back to 1995, when Sesame Workshop (then known as the Children's Television Workshop) planned to start an educational cable channel called "New Kid City." The Los Angeles Times reported that "launching its own channel is the only way to ensure a home for its highly acclaimed shows, which are often passed over by networks in favor of more commercially successful fare." Meanwhile, Nickelodeon (part of MTV Networks) planned its own educational channel called "Big Orange." When the two companies learned of each other's ideas, they partnered to create a channel together.

The channel was named Noggin (a slang term for a person's head), reflecting its purpose: to encourage kids to think, discover new things, and use their imaginations. When it started, Noggin was mostly aimed at kids aged 6–12. Its main goal was to provide "fun shows that help kids learn and inspire their curiosity – all without feeling like they're in school." Noggin's core values included the statements: "Kids want to learn. Kids are naturally curious. There are no stupid questions."

In Noggin's first three years, it was mainly aimed at pre-teens and teenagers. One of Noggin's goals was to disprove the idea "that educational programming is not entertaining enough to attract pre-teens and young adults." It aired preschool shows in the morning and devoted the rest of its schedule to tween and teen shows.

In April 2002, Noggin extended its preschool block to last for 12 hours, airing from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, and the teen block ran from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. The teen block was given a new name, "The N" (standing for Noggin), to distinguish itself from the preschool block. The shows that made up Noggin's original older-skewing lineup aired exclusively during The N from 2002 onward.

Sesame Workshop eventually sold its ownership stake in Noggin in August 2002, but it continued to co-produce new shows for Noggin (like Out There and The Upside Down Show). The Noggin brand was temporarily discontinued when the original Noggin channel closed on September 28, 2009, with the Nick Jr. Channel taking its place. In early 2015, it was announced that Noggin would return as a streaming service featuring some of the classic Noggin channel's original shows (like Oobi, Jack's Big Music Show, and The Upside Down Show). The streaming app launched on March 5, 2015. Since 2020, the Noggin streaming service has produced its own exclusive shows.