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Nick Balaban in 2017

Nick Balaban (born August 7, 1962) is a composer and voice actor. He was one of the primary music composers on the original Blue's Clues, along with Michael Rubin. He was also a main cast member, voicing Mr. Salt throughout the entire series. His daughter, Annalivia, voiced Mr. Salt's son Cinnamon.

Balaban also wrote one episode during season two: "What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?"

After the spin-off of the original series ended, Balaban later went on to record the music for WordWorld at Beatstreet Productions, the same studio that worked on all of the audio for the reboot.

He reprised his role as Mr. Salt in Blue's Big City Adventure.


Nick Balaban and Michael Rubin wrote almost all of the show's music, including the following songs: