"Music Stars" is the 11th and final episode of Blue's Room from season 2.



Boogie Woogie helps Blue and Sprinkles put on a music show.


Musicians Blue and Sprinkles are playing around making music, when Boogie Woogie tells them they need to become rock stars. Blue and Sprinkles learn to make their own tune, lyrics and dance moves. They create a stage and get ready to perform, except the curtain will not go up. They create a musical act to make the curtain rise. Every time that they add something new to their act, the curtain goes up a little more, until it is finally show time.


  • This is the last episode of the Blue's Room series. It was also the most recent episode of the franchise for over a decade; production of any Blue's Clues shows were put to an end permeant for good.
    • However, on March 6, 2018, a a reboot was announced.

Blue's Room Season 2
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