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| first = "[[Blue Prints]]" <small>(unaired)</small><br/>"[[Snack Time]]" <small>(aired)</small>
| first = "[[Blue Prints]]" <small>(unaired)</small><br/>"[[Snack Time]]" <small>(aired)</small>
| last = "[[Bluestock]]" <small>(series)</small><br/>"[[Meet Blue's Baby Brother]]" <small>(in all)</small>
| last = "[[Bluestock]]" <small>(series)</small><br/>"[[Meet Blue's Baby Brother]]" <small>(in all)</small>
| voice = Penelope Jewkes <small>(season 1)</small><br>[[Spencer Kayden]] <small>(seasons 2–6)</small>}}
| voice = Penelope Jewkes <small>(season 1)</small><br>[[Spencer Kayden]] <small>(seasons 2–6)</small><br>
Lisa Buckley <small> ([[Blue's Clues & You]]) </small>}}
'''Mrs. Pepper''' is a main character on ''[[Blue's Clues]]'' and ''[[Blue's Clues & You!]]''.
'''Mrs. Pepper''' is a main character on ''[[Blue's Clues]]'' and ''[[Blue's Clues & You!]]''.

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Mrs. Pepper is a main character on Blue's Clues and Blue's Clues & You!.


Mrs. Pepper is the mother figure of the Blue's Clues house. She lives in the kitchen with her husband Mr. Salt and her children, Paprika and Cinnamon. Like most of her family, she speaks with a French accent and has a talent for cooking. Mrs. Pepper commonly holds Cinnamon in her arms while Mr. Salt holds Paprika.

Since she was very young, Mrs. Pepper has loved to swim. She also likes to sing and dance with her husband. In nearly every credit sequence, she and Mr. Salt are shown dancing a waltz. Mrs. Pepper is one of the oldest residents of the house and was an adult while the others were all babies, as shown in "Blue's First Holiday."


Mrs. Pepper is mostly gray with hints of white and black to evoke the appearance of multicolored pepper grains. She has two black eyes, two arms, and a pink mouth. Her cap is gray and has three holes.


Mrs. Pepper appears in every episode of Blue's Clues, counting the opening and credit sequences. She is only seen in the credits of the "Bugs!" episode. Her first appearance was in the pilot episode, "Blue Prints." Her last appearance was in the "Meet Blue's Baby Brother" episode of Blue's Room.


  • Mrs. Pepper was the 2nd clue in the episode "Blue's News."
  • In "Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day," two photos show Mrs. Pepper as a baby and as a child.
  • Throughout the first three seasons, Mrs. Pepper is one of the only four characters to appear in the credits along with Mr. Salt, Tickety, and Blue.
  • Mrs. Pepper was the first character to have more than one voice artist. Penelope Jewkes voiced her in the first season and Spencer Kayden voiced her for the rest of the series.


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