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Mr. Orange
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Mr. Orange is an orange cat. He has a similar appearance to that of Orange Kitten. Mr. Orange was originally going to be the star of the show, making him the earliest concept for Blue; though in Backstage at Blue's Clues (a bonus feature in the DVD version of "Blue's Big Musical Movie"), according to Traci Paige Johnson, Blue originally started as a bunny, and then a cat, before officially becoming a dog. In Behind the Clues, it was shown that in the early creation of Blue's Clues, Orange was scheduled to star as the main protagonist. This is possibly what caused the creators of Blue's Clues to feature a blue cat rather than Blue the dog in Blue Prints, the pilot episode, since Blue was not created until Snack Time. Mr. Orange is mentioned in the series' epilogue, Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue.


Mr. Orange is an orange feline previously scheduled to become the main protagonist of the Blue's Clues television series.  Mr. Orange looks similar to Orange Kitten, one of Blue's friends currently attending preschool in Miss Marigold's class.


Mr. Orange's fur is mostly orange. He has triangular ears and a long tail. Mr. Orange's shape and color looks almost exactly like the appearance of Orange Kitten, except for one major difference. Orange has desert sand stripes on top her head, while Mr. Orange does not.


Mr. Orange has not appeared in any episodes since he was in development before any episodes were produced. He did appear in Behind the Clues, the Blue's Clues epilogue. Mr. Orange was scheduled to appear in every single episode until further notice when the series' crew decided to change the Mr. Orange character to Blue due to the fact Nickelodeon already green-lit a show about a feline lead.

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