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Mosquito is a insect living in a bush where Spider, her dad, and Ladybug live.



Mosquito is a red insect with a long body, a long pointed nose, 6 black legs, a pair of clear wings, and a pair or white eyes with black pupils.


  1. The Trying Game
  2. Blue's Birthday Adventure
  3. Blue's ABC Time Activities
  4. Blue's 123 Time Activities



  • In Blue's ABC Time Activities, Mosquito is one of the animals in the Safari Snapshots game (this animal is the one that starts with the letter M).
    • When you click on the mosquito to get its picture in Safari Snapshots, it looks at its nose.
    • In its picture, its left eye looks forward while its right eye looks up.
  • In Blue's 123 Time Activities, Mosquito makes an appearance as part of Shovel & Pail's Mother May I Game (1-4 mosquitos are among any of the animals or insects that can appear in the bush on the lower right corner).
    • If you click on a mosquito or move the same number of steps as there are mosquitos in Shovel & Pail's Mother May I Game, it opens its eyelids and flaps its wings.