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Miranda is Magenta's caring owner as well as a good friend of Steve. The character presumably met Steve after Blue and Magenta first met, considering the fact that the two dog-owners follow their dogs almost everywhere. She is one of the few live-action characters in the show.

She was originally portrayed by Shannon Walker Williams in the original and has apparently not met Joe because she made her final appearance before Steve left for college. She is played by Adriana Vasquez in the reboot.


Miranda is the owner of Blue's best friend, Magenta. She is a live-action human played by Shannon Walker Williams. The character makes two appearances throughout the Blue's Clues television series and is classified a minor character in the show. She is kind and gentle. She likes Steve and Blue despite not seeing them very often.


Miranda has brown skin. She often wears a red long sleeved sweater with a pocket on the bottom left corner embroidered with pink thread, black pants and red shoes. She has black hair and carries a large brown handbag.

In Blue's Clues & You! Miranda is shown to be Venezuelan and her outfit has changed to a pink shirt with pink polka dots with black pants and pink dress shoes. She's also shown to be wearing circle earrings and circle headband.


Miranda has only appeared in two episodes. Her first appearance was in Shy. Her last appearance was in Magenta Gets Glasses.


  • Miranda appeared a few episodes on the show.
  • Miranda is shown to never have visited Steve's house as she explains how bigger it is on the inside.
  • Miranda was once the answer to Blue's Clues which would explain the reason Blue hid behind the Thinking Chair and the reason was that Blue had never met her before.
  • Miranda doesn't appear in the UK or Pistas da Blue versions of Blue's Clues with Kevin or Duarte because the producers couldn't find a replacement for her.
  • Miranda never got to skidoo in the original series. But in the reboot, she did her first skidoo in Magenta's Thank You Day Surprise.
  • Miranda is shown to be Venezuelan in the reboot.
  • Miranda reveals that she met Magenta as a puppy when she was a little girl on Thank You Day when she wished for a friend the night before.
  • It's unknown if she will appear again in future episodes.
  • In the Reboot, She has a Pink Polka dotted Notebook that looks like Josh's.


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