aka Maria

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is ▪ University Student ▪ Studenta Uniwersytetu ▪ Estudiante Universitaria ▪
  • I am ▪ Female ▪ Żeńska ▪ Hembra ▪
  • Bio Check out my profile on the Heathcliff Wiki:
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  • Hi PinkSquad5, how are you?

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      PinkSquid5 wrote:
      Did they give you a warning or did they just block you right away? I appreciate when Wiki's give users a second chance, especially since most users don't read the guidelines and policies when they first join a Wiki. I got blocked on a Wiki for having external links on my profile! No warning, they just blocked me indefinitely, for eternity. I messaged the Admin on Community Central but they just hid my comment from their Message Wall. Good to see that your block only lasted a couple of days, you can at least return to the Wiki!

      and which wiki was it you were blocked on.

      I was blocked on The Wiki of a Teenage Robot, which is a Wiki about the cartoon My Life as a Teenage Robot. I'm not including a link, but it can be found on my profile on the Heathcliff Wiki!

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    • Okay

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