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*Starting from this episode, Josh takes Steve's hosting position while Steve now works as a detective.
Omissions in this episode due to time include:
Omissions in this episode due to time include:
* The [[Elephants|elephants]]
* The [[Elephants|elephants]]

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"Meet Josh!" is the very first episode of Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Snack Time".


In the premiere episode, Blue is having her snack.


  • Question: What does Blue want with her snack?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A cup
    • 2. A straw
    • 3. A cow
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Milk
  • wrong answer: Putting a cow in a cup and slurping it up with a straw
  • Living room picture: A red barn (skidoo location)
  • Red Felt Board: Fifi and Freddy with a bunch of grapes between them
  • Orange Felt Board: a pair of graham crackers, a glass of milk with a straw, and an apple




  • Steve Burns as Steve
  • Donovan Patton as Joe


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Meet Josh!

Meet Josh!


  • This is the first new episode of the franchise to premiere since 2007 (a twelve-year absence).
  • This episode (as well as the series) premiered following the premier of the PAW Patrol TV movie special episode: "Ready Race Rescue."
  • This is the first episode to feature Josh.
  • This is the first episode since "Blue's First Holiday" to show Steve and Joe together.
  • When Joe appears on Josh's phone, a few piano notes from "Another Blue's Clues Day" play. When Steve appears, the steel guitar riff from the beginning of the original theme song is heard.
  • Steve's detective agency, the Blue Prints Detective Agency, is named after the original Blue's Clues pilot episode "Blue Prints."
  • Joe's assurance that Josh will learn to play Blue's Clues was likely a reference to how he originally didn't know how either prior to "Joe Gets a Clue."
  • Josh's suggestion that Blue wants to put a cow in a cup and drink it in a straw is the same as Steve's from "Snack Time."
  • The drawings that appear on the cork board behind Steve are the clues Steve drew in classic episodes, such as:
  • The telephone that appears behind Steve is the same telephone from the original Blue's Clues. The telephone retains its two-dimensional format.
  • Steve wears a green-striped tie with a beige suit and fedora.
  • Steve is a detective, and Joe is a present store owner working at a present store, Steve is also not at college this time, it's possible that he's went to college learning about detective agency.
  • There are differences about Steve and Joe, Steve doesn't have any hair this time, he's now bald, he wears glasses, he still wears his green striped shirt and tan pants only under his detective clothes, and Joe has a haircut and a shaved beard, he still wears his same clothes from the original series Blue's Clues, but with gift boxes instead of squares on his shirt.


  • During Blue's skidoo, Mailbox does not appear outside. However, when Josh does his first skidoo, Mailbox reappears.
  • Jaiden Cannatelli is credited as Jaiden Canatelli.


  • Starting from this episode, Josh takes Steve's hosting position while Steve now works as a detective.

Omissions in this episode due to time include:

  • The elephants
  • Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper calling Josh about Blue making a mess in the kitchen
  • The chicks not joining the snack party at the end

Other differences from the original episode ("Snack Time") include:

  • Paprika, Cinnamon, Joe, and Magenta appear in this episode.
  • Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper do not call Josh about Blue making a mess in the kitchen. Also, they only do one shape: the triangle (the grapes) when finding food.
    • The bags holding the food are also made of recycled cloth instead of paper.
  • The straw that was used for the second clue was visible when Josh puts back the other straws in the cup. In the original, the straw that was used was hidden until Steve put all the straws in the cup.
  • The straw is a straight one made of paper instead of a bendy one made of plastic and is with lavender diagonal stripes instead of red vertical ones. The rest of the straws are similar to this one, but are larger and thicker with stripes in red and blue in addition to lavender.
  • After Josh finds the second clue, the Mailtime song starts. In the original episode, after Steve finds the second clue, he goes to the living room and looks for Blue, then the Mailtime song starts.
  • When Steve skidooed in the farm, he sang "We Are Farming for Blue's Clues" to the tune of "We Are Looking for Blue's Clues" until "E-I-E-I-O" and the rest to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", whereas Josh sings it to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", starts on the second verse and replaces "And on his farm he had a chick" with "We are farming for Blue's Clues".
  • In the skidoo segment, there are yellow and brown chicks and all of them are wearing party hats. In the original, all the chicks are yellow and are wearing different kinds of hats.
  • Josh helps two chicks look for their friends. In the original, Steve helps three chicks.
  • After Josh asks the chicks to help him look for Blue, the chicks immediately answered that Blue is on top of Josh's head. In the original, the chicks asked Steve to describe his friend and then tell him that she is on his head.
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