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Marky is a marker who enjoys drawing pictures and writing labels. Unlike other markers, he can somehow manage to hover in midair and he can talk. The character's hobbies include drawing and writing. Marky has appeared in two episodes of Blue's Clues with a face and one episode without it.


Marky enjoys helping people when it comes to writing and drawing. He is courageous and brave. Marky knows how to draw other characters, write each letter of the alphabet, and spell some of the largest words. Marky is a minor character in Blue's Clues and has only appeared in two episodes of the series with a face and one episode without it.


Marky is a king size permanent marker. Since he's always open, his cap is on his end. He has a pair of black eyes and eyebrows and a pink mouth. His point is black.


With a face, the episodes that Marky appears in are "Draw Along with Blue" and "Let's Write!". He also made a faceless appearance in Something To Do Blue and Body Language. Finally, he appeared in a few PC games like Blue's Art Time Activities and Blue's Clues: Kindergarten.