Making Changes is the ninth episode of season 4. This is the final episode of involving the story arc to introduce Cinnamon.

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Now that Cinnamon has come to the Blue's Clues house, it is necessary to make some changes to keep him comfortable. That means that things such as loud games are out when Cinnamon is trying to sleep, but Steve and Blue learn that by just thinking a little, they can come up with changes that will let them still do the things that they want to do, but in a different way. Sometimes the changes are not easy at first, but they help others and are not really that much of a problem. In the spirit of change in helping out, Steve and Blue also try to find ways to help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to take care of Cinnamon.


  • Question: What else could Steve and Blue do to help out with Cinnamon?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Table
    • 2. Powder
    • 3. A Diaper
  • Answer: Change Cinnamon's diaper
  • Skidoo location: Baby Bear's Room
  • Living room picture: A caterpillar, then a butterfly, then an egg, then the chick coming out of the egg, then Cinnamon wearing a diaper



  • Steve blows the pawprint away like in Blue's Story Time and Stormy Weather.
  • This is the last of the five-episode story about Cinnamon's arrival.
  • The Handy Dandy Notebook is used as a rattle in this episode due to it making a rattling sound.
    • This marks the second episode to have the notebook make a sound when shaken, after Blue's Big Holiday.
  • Mailtime had to take place outside since the window was closed prior to the wind gusts.
    • This is the only time this situation happens.
      • The reason why the windows was closed because Cinnamon was cold.
        • Even though Steve went outside, Steve was inside during Mailtime.
          • The first time they were outside to do it was Nature.
  • This is the second episode where Cinnamon cries.

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