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Magenta's Messages is the 29th episode of Blue's Clues from Season 5.

Characters Present[]


Magenta is taking a trip to the beach and she asks us to look after her house. Fortunately, they are not without help, she has left them several written and picture messages to tell them what to do. First, Joe and Blue get the key. Next, they water the plants by using a small red two-handled watering can for the flower and a big blue single-handled one for the spider plant. Then, they feed Magenta's fish using fish food as the correct choice. Then, they go to the computer to get E-mail as a Mailtime substitute and a special treat. And finally, they take out the recycling at Magenta's kitchen to make the day's work at her house be done. They get to find out what more of the inside of her house looks like and even have fun doing some outdoor thinking.


  • Question: What does Blue want to write in her message?
  • Clues:
  • Answer: Come to our house
  • Living room picture: Magenta's house, then a drawing of Magenta

Video Release[]


  • Executive Assistant Noelle Romano is also one of Joe's Friends in this episode. So is Jenna Rodriguez, relative of long-time friend of Joe Chelsea Rodriguez.
  • This episode appeared on the 2005 VHS and DVD release of Alphabet Power.
  • The viewers get their first (and only) look at the interior of Magenta's house.
  • Instead of using Mailtime, this episode to use an alternate version of Mailtime, called E-mail.Aside from E-mail, this episode also used an alternate version of We Just Got a Letter.
  • Magenta was the answer to Blue's Clues from Pool Party but in this episode, Magenta was a clue.
  • It is unknown how Magenta sent an e-mail from the beach.
    • Back in 2002 when this episode was filmed (and even the next year when it aired), there was no real form of sending videos in an email from a cell phone. Plus, SMS was the main messaging. Most phones didn't even have a camera around that time, and if so, they weren't very good in quality. Most phones with cameras around that time couldn't even record videos.
  • Magenta's computer's operating system resembles Mac OS X.
  • When feeding Magenta's fish, you have to choose the fish food out of fish, turtle, crab, and frog food. One wonders if Magenta has all these pets, although this was just to have the viewer make a selection.
  • This is the final Blue's Clues episode to feature how to draw the clues until Meet Blue's Baby Brother (which is actually a Blue's Room episode).
    • If not counting Meet Blue's Baby Brother as a Blue's Clues episode, this is the last episode in which Joe draws the clues.
  • The closed captions read "( dogs barking )" when Blue and Magenta were barking a lot which happens thrice.
  • Joe decided to do the clue review outside instead of inside. Steve did a similar thing in the episode Nature; only Steve & Blue were outside the whole time.
  • This is the only episode where Mailbox has no lines, but Magenta's mailbox does speak.
  • Mailbox was listening to the music that was played during Musical Chairs in Mailbox's Birthday and Pin the Flag on Mailbox in Blue's Birthday.
  • The scene where Joe looks out the window and finds the second clue (an arrow) was used in a trailer for the "Save the Wonder Pets" DVD; the only difference was that Baby Bird and the clue were replaced by the Wonder Pets flying in the Flyboat. Click here to view the trailer.
  • This is the only time where Magenta appears in the credits in the original series.
  • Joe wears a purple squared shirt in this episode.
  • At the end of the letter, "Bye, Joe!" is said in the message. The first time this happened was in "Blue's School" for Steve.
  • This is Joe's version of "What's New, Blue?".
  • This is the first episode in which Joe thinks outside, just like Steve did in Nature on the thinking rock. This will happen again later in Soccer Practice on the thinking bench and The Fairy Tale Ball in Baby Bear's chair.
  • This is the only episode in which Blue's Clues is played at Magenta's house.
  • Magenta's house will happen again later at the end of Morning Music, where Joe and Blue ride their bikes there.


  • The scrolling credits got slower and slower.
  • Tom Gilmour is credited as Tom Gilmore, and Jenna Rodriguez is credited as Jenna Rodrigues.
  • When Blue barks before putting the pawprint on the screen, and after Magenta appears in the E-mail she sent, her audio is noticeably distorted. This is likely because Traci Paige Johnson was barking too loud into the microphone when recording.


Watch Episode[]

This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.
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