Magenta is a recurring character in Blue's Clues, and Blue's Clues & You!. She is Miranda's pet puppy, and a good friend of Blue.


Magenta is Miranda's pet and Blue's next-door neighbor and best friend. She is an artistic female puppy who loves to take and draw pictures. Like Blue, she cannot speak, but she can bark to communicate with others, mainly other dogs. She barks similar to Blue, but instead of "Ba Bow Bow" and using B, she barks "Ra Row Row" and uses R instead.


Magenta looks exactly like Blue, except she's a magenta color with darker magenta spots and a dark magenta nose. As of "Magenta Gets Glasses", she wears purple glasses. In the reboot, she gets glasses earlier than the previous series but didn't wear glasses before.


Magenta appears in several episodes of Blue's Clues. She makes her first appearance in "Blue's Story Time".



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