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Lola is Josh's grandmother and the grandaunt of Steve and Joe. She is played by the singer and actress Carolyn Fe.


Lola was first mentioned in the episode "Pajama Party with Blue", when Josh received a package from her containing a blanket.

Lola made her debut in "Blue's Big Baking Show" from the second season of Blue's Clues & You!. She is also the answer to Blue's Clues in that episode.

In "Sleepy Singalong with Blue", Lola made her second appearance in an email received by Josh.

She also appeared in 3 Little Ducks in Blue's Clues & You! Youtube Channel. She sings Filipino when the second reprise happens.

Lola was retelling the events of The Thinking Squad and Bluestock.

Lola also appeared in Blue's Clues & You! Nursery Rhyme as CGI.

She later appeared in the Season 3 episode, Feelin' Filipino where she shows up to the Blue's Clues House and looks at the decorations. She was also the last clue.

In the Episode, "if you don't see it, Be it, She appears as an animated comic book character, appearing during one segment of Josh's comic book.


  • Her name is a Filipino word referring to a grandmother.
    • This revealed that Josh is a Filipino descendant.
  • It's currently unknown if she is blood-related to Steve and Joe, if a great-uncle from Steve and Joe married her, or that Lola got adopted.
  • She was the last clue in the episode, Feelin' Filipino.
  • She was also the answer to Blue's Clues in Blue's Big Baking Show.
  • Her name 'Lola' is the word "Grandma" translated into Filipino.