Little Blue Riding Hood


Season 2, Episode 9 (Blue's Room)
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
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Little Blue Riding Hood (or Little Red Riding Blue) is the 9th episode of Blue's Room from season 2.

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Blue, Sprinkles & Joe act out their own version of Little Red Riding Hood. Blue is Little Red Riding Hood, Sprinkles is Little Red's brother, Fred is Little Red's mom, Roary is the grandma, Joe is the wolf, and the rest of the characters are the audience. Blue and Sprinkles are trying to bring Grandma, who is sick with a cold, some banana bread. They are met by a wolf who wants a piece of bread, but is told to get Grandma's permission first.


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  • This episode is similar to the Blue's Clues episode What Story Does Blue Want to Play?, since both episodes feature story re-enactments.
  • A lot of classic Blue's Clues production music can be heard in this episode, such as when Blue, Sprinkles, and Doodleboard are walking to Grandma's House, the first clue and second clue music from Blue's ABCs can be heard.
  • Ironically, while Blue plays Little Red Riding Hood and Joe plays the wolf in this episode, on the Blue's Clues episode Can You Help?, Joe was Little Red Riding Hood and Blue was the wolf.
  • There is a DVD featuring this episode, alongside another episode of Blue's Room and two bonus episodes of Blue's Clues.

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