This page shows all the clues found on the television show "Blue's Clues".

Note: The names of the clues are bolded and capitalized.

Clues from Season 1

  1. A Cup, a Straw, and a Cow.
  2. A Blanket, a Book, and a Pillow.
  3. A Tape Player, a Tape Cassette, and a Chair.
  4. Bricks, a Wolf, and a Pig.
  5. Bubbles, a Towel, and Soap.
  6. A Duck, a Barn, and a Tune.
  7. A Door, a Window, and a Roof.
  8. A Basket, a Blanket, and a Sandwich.
  9. A Helmet, a Star, and a Rocket.
  10. A Carrot, a Hat, and a Snowball.
  11. A Horn, a Basket, and a Wheel.
  12. A Duck, a Duck, and a Goose.
  13. Dirt, a Watering Can, and Seeds.
  14. A Sun, Rain, and a Spider.
  15. Yarn, Two Buttons, and a Sock.
  16. A Bowl, a Chair, and a Bear.
  17. A One, a Grandfather Clock, and a Mouse.
  18. A Feather, this Shadow, and this Sound.
  19. Steve, a Smile, and a Camera.
  20. Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and a Bottle.

Clues from Season 2

  1. A Spoon, a Bowl, and Vegetables
  2. A Flashlight, a Sheet, and a Table.
  3. A Box, a Light, and this Sound Note.
  4. Water, Tape, and Two Plastic Bottles.
  5. A Paper Towel Roll, a Tissue Box, and Rubber Bands.
  6. A Leotard, a Mat, and Rolling.
  7. A Moon, a Cow, and the Word "Jump".
  8. Ice Cubes, a Cup, and Lemons.
  9. The Color Green, a Tank, and a Shell.
  10. A Stamp, an Envelope, and Mailbox.
  11. Pot Lids, a Drum, and a Marching Toy.
  12. Orange Juice, a Popsicle Stick, and an Ice Cube Tray.
  13. Flowers, Grass, and a Tree.
  14. A Tower of Blocks, a Green Puppy, and a Fallen-Down Tower of Blocks.
  15. Numbers, a Piece of Chalk, and this Shape.
  16. Sticks, a Tree, and Eggs.
  17. A Bowl, Carrots, and Turquoise.
  18. A Sink, Water, and a Toothbrush.
  19. This Finished Picture, a Pencil, and Blue.
  20. String, Wind, and a Diamond-Shaped Piece of Paper.

Clues from Season 3

  1. A Clock, a Pillow, and Pajamas.
  2. Glasses, a Rocking Chair, and a Green-Striped Dress.
  3. A Pie Plate, String, and Spoons.
  4. Blue, Numbers, and a Scale.
  5. Drops of Water, a Cloud, and this Sound Button.
  6. Black and White, Ice, and a Waddling Motion.
  7. A Sleeping Bag, a Lamp, and a Book.
  8. A Notebook, Green Stripes, and a Person.
  9. An Apple, a Leaf, and a Pumpkin.
  10. Four Little Prints, a Blanket, and a Rattle.
  11. Blue's School, a Puppy, and this Purplish-Pinkish Color.
  12. A Mouth, a Wiggling Motion, and a Tooth.
  13. A Green Light, a Door with an Arrow, and a Table.
  14. Shapes, Grass, and the Sky.
  15. A Building, a Shelf, and a Book.
  16. A Wooden Stick, a Bandage, and a Stethoscope.
  17. These Footprints, this Tail, and this Picture.
  18. Crayons, a Folded Piece of Paper, and an Envelope.
  19. Our Notebook, a Knob, and a Drawer.
  20. A Ball, a Ball, and a Ball.
  21. Little Prints, Whiskers, and this Squeak Sound.
  22. Our Notebook, the Thinking Chair, and these Pawprints.
  23. A Mouse, a Flower, and a Happy Hippo.
  24. Scales, this Shape, and Changing Colors.
  25. An Up Light Switch, a Lamp, and a Down Light Switch.
  26. The Word "Make", an "A", and the Word "Poem".
  27. A Red Stripe, a Blue Star, and Bouncing.
  28. A Cookie, a Scoop of Ice Cream, and another Cookie.
  29. A Bag, a Footprint, and a Videotape.
  30. The Sun, Sand, and a Cactus.
  31. A Cloud, a Water Drop, and Freezing.
  32. Magenta's House, a Window, and Blue.

Clues from Season 4

  1. A Big White Circle, a Button, and these Triangles.
  2. A Person, this Sound, and Really Big Shoes.
  3. Wheels, Tracks, and a Line That Goes Up and Down.
  4. Bubbles, Water, and Clothes.
  5. A Crib, Paprika, and a Bed.
  6. Paper, a Pencil, and Yarn.
  7. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, Blue, and a Heart.
  8. A Rattle, Steve's Guitar, and this Picture.
  9. A Table, Powder, and a Diaper.
  10. Wings, Colors, and a Chrysalis.
  11. A Pad of Paper, a Smock, and a Paintbrush.
  12. A Box, Open, and a Melody.
  13. A Triangular Block, another Triangular Block, and an Arch Block.
  14. Rolling, Plastic Bottles, and Fallen-Down Plastic Bottles.
  15. A Boy, a Tall Plant, and a Giant.
  16. A Pail, a Sail, and a Whale.
  17. The Color Red, Round Shapes, and a Vine.
  18. The Color Blue, Up, and a Cloud.
  19. A Pot, a Plate, and Squiggly Lines.
  20. A Circle, Cheese, and Tomato Sauce.
  21. Books, a Lunchbox, and a Chalkboard.
  22. These Feet, a Feather, and this Sound.
  23. Paper, a Crayon, and a Spiral.
  24. Numbers, Buttons, and a Ringing Sound.

Clues from Season 5

  1. A Wolf, a Basket, and a Cape.
  2. The Color Blue, the Color Yellow, and a Puppy.
  3. A Straw, Milk, and Chocolate Syrup.
  4. Paper, Crayons, and a Mirror.
  5. Numbers, Lines, and a Piece of Wood.
  6. Some Pieces of Wood, a Roof, and a Bird.
  7. Tape, Joe's Present, and Wrapping Paper.
  8. A Pathway, a Door, and You.
  9. The Color Red, a Hose, and a Siren.
  10. A Mirror, a Sink, and a Toothbrush.
  11. A Cash Register, a Cart, and Food.
  12. Blue's White Coat, a Bag, and Joe.
  13. A Cup, Seeds, and a Bird.
  14. Friends, a Ball, and a Slide.
  15. School, a Person, and Tall.
  16. The Color Green, a Pond, and Hopping.
  17. A Lid, Beans, and an Empty Can.
  18. Under, Water, and Scales.
  19. Moving, Feet, and Music.
  20. White, Black, and the Letter "Z".
  21. A Zero, a One, and another Zero.
  22. A Stage, Periwinkle, and a Wand.
  23. Night, Up, and Flashing Colors.
  24. A Rug, Friends, and a Circle.
  25. Up, Stars, and a Planet.
  26. Music, Cupcakes, and a Balloon.
  27. The Letter "J", the Letter "O", and the Letter "E".
  28. Magenta, an Arrow, and our House.
  29. Scrunched Up Eyebrows, Hands on Hips, and a Scrunched Up Mouth.
  30. Water, Soap, and a Car.
  31. A Bug, Wings, and Red with Black Spots.
  32. A Mouth, a Curved Line, and this Sound.
  33. A Tail, Hopping, and a Pocket.
  34. A Sidewalk, a Bicycle, and Magenta's House.
  35. Circles, a Carrot, and Snow.

Clues from Season 6

  1. A Mop, a Castle, and a Glass Slipper.
  2. The Backyard, Ice, and Gliding.
  3. Joe, a Stage, and a Kazoo.
  4. Water, a Hose, and a Ladder.
  5. A Horse, a Wall, and an Egg.
  6. A Truck, a Cone, and Circles.
  7. Banjo Notes, Bass Notes, and Saxophone Notes.

Clues from Season 7

  1. The Word "Puppy", Circles, and Colors.

Clues from Blue's Clues & You!

  1. A Cup, a Straw, and a Cow.
  2. Josh, a Smile, and a Phone.
  3. Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and a Bottle.
  4. A Moon, a Cow, and the Word "Jump".
  5. Ice Cubes, a Cup, and Lemons.
  6. A Tower of Blocks, Magenta, and a Fallen-Down Tower of Blocks.
  7. A Yellow Ball, a Purple Ball, and a Red Ball.
  8. A Duck, a Barn, and a Tune.
  9. Magenta's House, a Window, and Blue.


  • In the UK version of "What Does Blue Want to Make?", the first clue was referred to as "Wool".
  • During the Thinking Time segment of "Prehistoric Blue", the third color of the changing colors clue was yellow instead of orange.
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