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This is a list page for episodes from the sixth season of Blue's Clues. The last season of the show lasted a mere 13 episodes (January 27, 2004-August 6, 2006). This was the season where Blue actually jumped into a special room called Blue's Room. That season showed the room in a limit, but showed it permanently in later that year when Blue's Room premiered.


Episode # Season # Title Picture Premiere Date
133. 6x01 "The Legend of the Blue Puppy" The-legend-of-the-blue-puppy-blues-clues-30879566-640-480.jpg February 8, 2004
134. 6x02 "Love Day" Noloveforjoe.jpg February 16, 2004
135. 6x03 "Blue's Wishes" Wish-a-lot.jpg February 16, 2004
136. 6x04 "Joe's Clues" 300.jpg February 23, 2004
137. 6x05 "Skidoo Adventure" Skidooventure.jpg March 15, 2004
138. 6x06 "Playdates" .0$ Playdates.png March 22, 2004
139. 6x07 "The Fairy Tale Ball" Fairy Tale Ball.jpg April 5, 2004
140. 6x08 "Soccer Practice" MAIL 14.jpg April 26, 2004
141. 6x09 "Bluestock" Blue's Clues - 6x09 - Bluestock!.jpg May 10, 2004
142. 6x10 "Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue 828768442722.jpg July 27, 2006
143. 6x11 "Meet Blue's Baby Brother" Instantánea 1 (01-07-2015 12-43).png August 6, 2006



  • The first nine episodes were filmed in 2003, while the Season 5 episodes were airing. The last two were filmed in a different year. (Behind The Clues probably was filmed in 2006, and Meet Blue's Baby Brother around the 2005-2006.)


  • There are a lot of changes in this season.
    • A new theme song is featured that still features "Another Blue's Clues Day", but features Blue in her puppet form, making her not bark "Bow Bow Bow" after Joe sings "Come on in!" (although it appears by accident in Playdates). After Blue grabs the book, Moona turns her into her 2D form, and then she jumps into the book and everything is the same from then on. Plus, the title flag never matches the color of Joe's shirt (unlike most of season 5).
    • A different, shortened and modified version of Play Blue's Clues appears where Joe sings that he has to find three pawprints instead of the lines discussing each individual pawprint, most likely in an attempt to save time due to the Blue's Room segments. Plus, the song got a semitone higher (A-flat major).
    • The Mailtime segments are the only parts that have not changed.
    • The So Long Song, which has been in the first 5 seasons, is replaced with a new song, titled The Goodbye Song, most likely in another attempt to save time due to the Blue's Room segments.
    • All the credits in this season are fast except for Joe's Clues (Episode 4) and Skidoo Adventure (Episode 5).
    • At the end of the credits, a different version of the Blue's Clues book closed and it closed before the audience even saw Blue moving away with her ball. Plus, the book closed in the opposite direction (unlike the book from season 5), with sparkles coming out from that side.