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This is a list page for episodes from the fifth season of Blue's Clues. A whopping 36 episodes were aired during season five's run (April 30, 2002 - December 12, 2003). It is the first season with Joe as the host.


Production # Season # Title Picture Premiere Date
97. 5x01 "Can You Help?" Canyouhelp.jpg April 30, 2002
98. 5x02 "Colors Everywhere!" 199173.jpg May 6, 2002
99. 5x03 "The Snack Chart" MAIL Season 5 Episode 3.png May 13, 2002
100. 5x04 "The Big Book About Us" MAIL Season 5 Episode 4.png May 20, 2002
101. 5x05 "Playing Store" MAIL Season 5 Episode 5.png May 27, 2002
102. 5x06 "Patience" Hqdefault 8.jpg June 3, 2002
103. 5x07 "100th Episode Celebration" 100th Episode Celebration 043.jpg June 10, 2002
104. 5x08 "Joe's Surprise Party" Joe's Mail!! 1.jpg August 5, 2002
105. 5x09 "I'm So Happy!" Dumbest Joes Ever!.jpg September 2, 2002
106. 5x10 "The Boat Float" Mailtime Season 5 Boat Float.jpg September 9, 2002
107. 5x11 "Bedtime Business" Bedtime Business Goof Picture.jpg September 16, 2002
108. 5x12 "Shape Searchers" Mailtime Season 5 Shape Searchers.jpg September 23, 2002
109. 5x13 "Blue Goes to the Doctor" Doc.jpg September 30, 2002
110. 5x14 "Contraptions!" CoNtRaPtIoNs.jpg October 7, 2002
111. 5x15 "A Brand New Game"
A Brand New Game 001.jpg
October 21, 2002
112. 5x16 "A Surprise Guest" 199187.jpg January 6, 2003
113. 5x17 "Dress Up Day" 199188.jpg January 13, 2003
114. 5x18 "Blue's Big Band" BigBand.jpg February 17, 2003
115. 5x19 "Up, Down, All Around!" Mailtime Season 5 Up Down, All Around.jpg March 3, 2003
116. 5x20 "Story Wall" Mailtime Season 5 Story Wall.jpg April 28, 2003
117. 5x21 "The Alphabet Train" The Alphabet Train 093.jpg May 5, 2003
118. 5x22 "Numbers Everywhere!" Mailtime Season 5 Number's Everywhere.png May 12, 2003
119. 5x23 "Blue's Predictions" Blue's Predictions.jpg May 19, 2003
120. 5x24 "Our Neighborhood Festival" Our Neighborhood Festival.jpg June 23, 2003
121. 5x25 "Blue Takes You to School" Blue Takes You to School.jpg August 11, 2003
122. 5x26 "Meet Polka Dots!" Mail meet polka dots.jpg September 15, 2003
123. 5x27 "The Scavenger Hunt" The Scavenger Hunt.jpg September 16, 2003
124. 5x28 "Let's Write!" Let's Write.jpg September 17, 2003
125. 5x29 "Magenta's Messages" Mailtime2.jpg September 18, 2003
126. 5x30 "Body Language" Mailtime Season 5 Body Language.png September 19, 2003
127. 5x31 "Blue's Big Car Trip" Buckle Up.png September 22, 2003
128. 5x32 "Look Carefully..." Look Carefully.jpg September 23, 2003
129. 5x33 "I Did That!" Mailtime Season 5 Berth Beinstein.jpg September 24, 2003
130. 5x34 "Animals in Our House?" Mailtime from animals in our house.jpg September 25, 2003
131. 5x35 "Morning Music" Hqdefault 2.jpg September 29, 2003
132. 5x36 "Blue's First Holiday" Mailtime Season 5 Blue's First Holiday.png December 12, 2003


Production Information

  • The early episodes of this season were filmed from late 2001-early 2002 (probably starting when Joe was got his audition), before the fourth season even finished airing. The later episodes of this season were filmed in mid-2002, while the earlier episodes were airing.
  • This is the second season with more than 30 episodes, the first one being season three.


  • A lot of new things are introduced with Joe as the host.
    • This is the first season to where Joe is on his own.
    • This is the first season to feature Another Blue's Clues Day. Blue grabs the book off the shelf and opens it, followed by her skidooing into it. Later, the shaker family comes in with the title flag (which usually matches the color of Joe's shirt unlike Season 6), and Mr. Salt says the name of the episode. After that, the theme song ends and the episode begins.
      • From this season on, there will be an actual episode title for the rest of the series.
    • The Jungle Music is heard when Joe goes to get his notebook and/or looks for clues.
    • A new drumroll is heard when Joe finds a clue.
      • Although the cymbal brush will be heard one more time in Story Wall when beginning Rabbit's story.
    • Tuba music is heard when Joe draws a clue.
    • After figuring out Blue's Clues, We Sat On Down replaces We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues.
    • In The So Long Song, the lyrics "And my dog Blue" are changed to "And our friend Blue", and Joe sings "We can do anything that we wanna do" twice with the exceptions of Blue's Big Band and Bedtime Business.
    • At the end of the outro, Blue blinks two times followed by a bark before the book closes. The book closes in the same direction from the first four seasons, leaving magic sparkles. The sound of the sparkles mutes off in the UK. However, although Blue opens the book in the theme song, she is still in it when it closes. Not only that, but the book is still on the ground when it closes instead of on the shelf. It is unknown how Blue gets out of the book or how the book gets put back on the shelf for the next theme song after it closes.
  • This season will introduce a new format for the credits (although it is featured late in the season). They scroll upwards instead of flipping from page to page. However, with the exceptions of The Scavenger Hunt, Animals in Our House?, and Morning Music, the first pages all the way to "Line Producer" still flip from page to page.
  • This season also introduces a new format for the clues (although it is also featured late in this season). They are magically drawn into Joe's notebook and they talk and sing who they are. They also stay in the notebook instead of going above Joe (except in the thinking chair where they do).