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  • This episode appeared on the 2005 VHS/DVD release of Alphabet Power.
  • Unlike in other recent episodes where clues are shown simply magically appearing onto the Notebook paper and talking and singing, Joe is shown drawing the clues in this episode, The Scavenger Hunt and Magenta's Messages and they do not talk.
  • This is Joe's version of Blue's ABCs and Words.
  • This is the third episode with words. The first was "Blue's ABCs" and the second as "Words".
  • This is the third episode with letters. The first was "Blue's ABCs" and the second as "The Alphabet Train".
  • This is the second Joe episode with letters. The first was The Alphabet Train.
  • Joe wears a green squared shirt in this episode.
  • Additional instruments were seen in "Race to the Thinking Chair".
    • This was the first episode since I'm So Happy!/A Brand New Game where Joe is seen with his green shirt.
    • Because this is a later produced episode, his hair is shorter unlike every other episode in his green shirt in season five. This also happens in season six episodes.
  • Although being produced before talking clues, this episode is the last before talking clues were in production.
  • This is the first episode to let the host have the answer. This is also the second time Marky appears.
  • The name of the kid, Elisabeth, in the Mailtime Segment was misspelled on closed-captioning as "Elizabeth", which is the more popular spelling for this name.
  • Although he did not appear in the episode itself, Periwinkle was seen during the credits.