Let's Plant is the sixteenth episode of Blue's Clues from season four.

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We join Steve and Blue who are outside planting Nero, a new plant of theirs. In this episode, we learn all about plants, starting with some of the plants in the backyard of their house. We help Periwinkle learn about plants and pretend to be plants ourselves. Later, we skidoo into a plant book and learn about the very smart behaviors of some of Blue's favorite plants, such as the Venus Flytrap, the Geranium, and the Sensitive Plant.


  • Question: What kind of plant is Nero?
  • Clues:
    • 1. The Color Red
    • 2. Round Shapes
    • 3. A Vine
  • Answer: A tomato plant
  • Skidoo location: A plant book
  • Living room picture: A plant starting to grow, then a plant that is almost done growing, then a full-grown tomato plant


  • This episode aired as part of Watch and Munch on Nick Jr.
  • Usually a phone sits on top of Sidetable Drawer but a fern plant sits on top of her instead.
  • This is the only time of the line called "No, It's a Clue!" sounds similar like Chuckie Finster from Rugrats.
  • In the UK version, Kevin sneezes, But in the USA version, Steve didn't sneeze. he just saying the word "Ac-choo?"
  • This is the first time where we see the color red as a clue, followed by The Boat Float.
  • In the US version, Steve pulls out a red crayon just when the notebook was seen. However, in the UK version, Kevin pulls out a red crayon just before the notebook was seen.


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The full episode is available on the NickJrPlay YouTube channel. Watching the video requires payment or a subscription.

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