Let's Boogie is the fourteenth episode of Blue's Clues from season four.

Characters Present


Steve and Blue explore all sorts of dances. They learn that all sorts of movements can qualify as a dance. In the Skidoo segment, they find out that a person who works to create dances is called a choreographer. The viewers help Steve and Blue to aid the Choreographer in performing a new dance of his.


Steve welcomes us in. He says that he's just put his shoes on and feels like moving in a certain way. He shows us and we identify it as jumping. We also twirl with Blue and do some wriggling. Steve suggests that we put it all together in a dance, so we try and have great fun. In this episode, we explore various styles of dance. After Steve makes a gelatin wobble, we try some wobbling too. We then hear Pail and go outside to find out what she's doing. She found a leaf and then made up a dance about it - Twirl and Hop. We also do the Shiver Bend Explode dance with Shovel, which he made up based on a dandelion. Finally, we do Periwinkle's Seed Pod Slide, which involves the moves slide, slide, pirouette and jump. In the Blue Skidoo segment, we meet up with a choreographer and help him out. He has a dance called "The Baby Lion and The Monkeys" that he wants Steve and Blue's help with. Steve plays one of the monkeys, trying to find Blue, playing the baby lion. He skips from rock to rock on a puddle of mud, following our lead. He then does a pirouette to open a door and a march through a tunnel. Finally, the dance ends when he slides gently behind a tree and tiptoes to the baby lion.


  • Question: What dance does Blue want to make about?
  • Clues:
    • 1. A Pot
    • 2. A Plate
    • 3. Squiggly Lines
  • Answer: The spaghetti dance
  • Skidoo location: Choregrapher's book
  • Living room picture: Various characters dancing: First, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, then Sidetable Drawer, then Mailbox, then Slippery, then Turquiose


  • This is the final time that Steve skidoo’s in the living room.
  • In the Mailtime Segment, Mailbox talks about how he practiced bouncing with his dance teacher, Jukebox.
  • For the first time, Sidetable appears in the Living Room Picture Frame.
    • Sidetable in her inanimate form was shown at the exact same time as this picture.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2002.
    • Ironically, this is the earliest episode to be only on DVD.


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The full episode is available on the NickJrPlay YouTube channel. Watching the video requires payment or a subscription.

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