"Laugh with Blue" is the seventh episode of the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "What's So Funny?".


  • Question: What will make Blue laugh?
  • Clues:
    1. A Yellow Ball
    2. A Purple Ball
    3. A Red Ball
  • Answer to Blue's Clues: Juggling
  • Living Room Picture Frame: An egg (facial and head features are added with each appearance throughout the episode)



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Laugh with Blue

Laugh with Blue


  • A Running Gag occurred four Times Whenever Josh tries to get the Notebook, Mr. Sock Puppet Suggests a Potato.
  • Josh does two impressions in this episode. He does a Charlie Chaplin impression when he said: “Remember, Blue’s pawprints will be on the clues. Blue’s Clues.” He winked while doing it. He also does a Sherlock Holmes impression when he calls the gopher a “mastermind” and tells Shovel and Pail that they should figure out his pattern.


  • In the original episode, Steve wasn’t able to use a silly way to get rid of Blue's paw print, but in this episode, Josh uses a silly monster hat.
  • In the original, Steve realized the potato in place of the notebook during the theme song and corrected the mistake before continuing. In this one, Josh does notice the potato, but goes along with it and says "potato" instead of "notebook" during the song.
  • The sock puppet in the original episode was a sock puppet that Steve made in "What Does Blue Want to Make?", while the one in this episode was a premade one that came from the Silly Sack.
  • In the original, Steve and Mailbox made each other laugh with Groucho glasses. In this one, Josh and Mailbox made each other laugh with silly monster hats.
  • The scenes where Gopher pops up next to circular objects and things that fly were omitted from the original.
  • In the remake episode, Josh wore a jester’s hat since he decided to fit in Silly Town. He called his jester’s hat a Handy Dandy Silly Hat, but in the original episode, Steve didn’t wear a silly hat in Silly Town.
  • In the original episode, Steve uses his regular crayon to draw all the ball clues. In this episode, Josh uses his purple crayon for the second clue and his red crayon for the third clue.
  • After the Silly Town skidoo, Mr. Salt imitating Tickety was omitted. The 3rd ball simply appeared
  • Billy Chicken is Dark Brown instead of Orange.
  • The carrot is used as a screwdriver by a monkey instead of as a drill by a bear.
  • Unlike the original version of this episode, there was no boing sound effect when the worker weasel said "I think I've gone bananas".
  • The center of town isn't featured, but its road can be seen in Backwards Park.
  • Snail can be seen driving a motorcycle backwards in Backwards Park.
    • She can also be seen riding backwards in the credits (specifically from "Live Action Crew" to "Executive in Charge of Nickelodeon").
      • This is the 1st time Snail appeared in the credits of any series.
  • Blue does not laugh as hard and loud in this episode.
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