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Ladybug is a insect living in a bush where Spider, her dad, and Mosquito live.


Ladybug is black with a pair of red wings that have 6 black spots (3 on each wing) on them, 6 legs, and white eyes with black pupils.


It appeared in the episodes "The Trying Game", "What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?", and "Nature". A similar looking ladybug also appeared in "What Did Blue See?". Other different looking ladybugs appeared in "Bugs!" and "Look Carefully...".


  • Ladybug also appeared in Blue's Birthday AdventureBlue's ABC Time Activities as one of the animals in the Safari Snapshots game (this animal is the one that starts with the letter L), and Blue's 123 Time Activities as part of Shovel & Pail's Mother May I Game (1-4 ladybugs are among any of the animals or insects that can appear in the bush on the lower left corner).
    • If you click on the easel on the snack table, the crayon may draw a picture of a ladybug.
    • When you click on the ladybug to get it's picture in Safari Snapshots, it opens its wings and blinks.
    • If you click on a ladybug or move the same number of steps as there are ladybugs in Shovel & Pail's Mother May I Game, it shifts back and forwards.
  • If you look carefully at the base of Mailbox's post in "Nature", you can see Ladybug (who is tiny) on the daisy.
    • The stamp of the episode's letter also has a ladybug on it.
  • Different looking ladybugs appeared in "Bugs!" and "Look Carefully...".
    • A computer version of the ladybug also appeared in "What Did Blue See?", but it had a red head and different looking feet.
  • The paw print became a ladybug in "Bugs!".
  • Ladybugs are specifically a type of beetle as described in its information in Safari Snapshots.