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Lady Gooddiver is a marine biologist from a game on the computer. She knows all about the ocean and its animals' different behaviors.


Lady Gooddiver studies all kinds of fish; finding out about what they are, how certain kinds of them camouflage, and why they do. She travels in her submarine to the bottom of the sea to do so. Some of the fish that she studies include the leaf fish, the rockfish, and the parrot fish. She also knows about other kinds of sea creatures like penguins.


Lady Gooddiver has mauve skin and curly hair that's a mixture of cerise and black. She wears a slate blue wetsuit consisting of a top with a yellow zipper and a bottom, a slate blue swim cap with a canary yellow stripe down the center, and a pair of goggles with yellow rims and a canary yellow band. She also wears slate blue flippers on her feet.

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Lady Gooddiver has only appeared in one episode, "Animal Behavior", but a picture of the scene where she, Steve, and Blue saw the porcupine fish was among the past scenes that were shown on the monitor in "100th Episode Celebration" when Steve and Joe recalled the places that they previously went to.