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The kitchen is a room in the Blue's Clues House. It is owned by Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, PaprikaCinnamon, Sage and Ginger who live in a cabinet in the kitchen. The kitchen is located to the left of the living Room and to the right of the bathroom. There is a refrigerator, a stove, and a table in the room. There are also several counters.


The kitchen has yellow walls with darker swirl designs on them. It has white-and-yellow-checkered flooring and two windows. White and yellow shades hang from the windows. The cabinets are yellow with one door on each. The refrigerator is completely white with two doors, one being the freezer.


The kitchen has appeared in many episodes. It was first seen in Snack Time and last shown in Blue's Wishes. It also appeared in the reboot since Meet Josh!



Season 1[]

  1. Snack Time
  2. Mailbox's Birthday
  3. Blue's Story Time
  4. What Does Blue Need?
  5. Adventures in Art
  6. Blue Goes to the Beach
  7. Pretend Time
  8. A Snowy Day
  9. The Trying Game
  10. Blue Wants to Play a Game
  11. The Grow Show
  12. Blue Wants to Play a Song Game
  13. What Does Blue Want to Make?
  14. Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme
  15. What Is Blue Afraid Of?
  16. Magenta Comes Over
  17. Blue's News (finale)

Season 2[]

  1. Steve Gets the Sniffles
  2. What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?
  3. What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?
  4. What Was Blue's Dream About?
  5. Blue's ABCs
  6. Math!
  7. Blue's Birthday
  8. What Does Blue Want to Do with Her Picture?
  9. What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?
  10. Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!
  11. The Lost Episode!
  12. What Game Does Blue Want to Learn?
  13. Nurture!
  14. Blue Is Frustrated

Season 3[]

  1. Blue's Big Treasure Hunt
  2. Art Appreciation
  3. Weight and Balance
  4. What's That Sound?
  5. Animal Behavior!
  6. Blue's Big Pajama Party
  7. Draw Along with Blue
  8. Thankful
  9. Pool Party
  10. Anatomy
  11. Signs
  12. Occupations
  13. Blue's Big Mystery
  14. Periwinkle Misses His Friend
  15. Blue's Big Musical
  16. What's So Funny?
  17. Inventions
  18. Blue's Play (cameo)
  19. Prehistoric Blue
  20. Words
  21. Blue's Collection
  22. Café Blue
  23. Shy
  24. Environments (finale)

Season 4[]

  1. Imagine Nation
  2. Superfriends
  3. What's New, Blue?
  4. Blue's New Place
  5. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day
  6. The Baby's Here!
  7. Making Changes
  8. Bugs!
  9. ¡Un Día Con Plum!
  10. What's Inside?
  11. Let's Boogie
  12. Rhyme Time
  13. Blue's School
  14. Joe Gets a Clue
  15. Steve Goes to College (finale)

Season 5[]

  1. Can You Help?
  2. Colors Everywhere!
  3. The Snack Chart
  4. Patience
  5. 100th Episode Celebration (throwback)
  6. Joe's Surprise Party
  7. I'm So Happy!
  8. The Boat Float
  9. Contraptions!
  10. Dress Up Day
  11. Blue's Big Band
  12. Up, Down, All Around!
  13. Numbers Everywhere!
  14. Blue's Predictions
  15. Blue Takes You to School
  16. Meet Polka Dots!
  17. The Scavenger Hunt
  18. Look Carefully...
  19. I Did That!
  20. Animals in Our House?
  21. Morning Music
  22. Blue's First Holiday (finale)

Season 6[]

  1. The Legend of the Blue Puppy
  2. Love Day
  3. Blue's Wishes (last finale)