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Kevin (Kevin Duala) is the main host of Blue's Clues in the United Kingdom. He presents every Blue's Clues episode (barring a few, notably the Steve Goes to College arc in Season/Series 4) in the UK.


Kevin is the main character and does the roles of both Steve and Joe in the UK. He wears the same green striped shirt as Steve but not at the same time. In Blue's Clues coloring pages on, they use pictures of Steve and use these images as pictures of Kevin.


Kevin appeared in every UK episode of Blue's Clues starting with Blue Wants to Play a Game and just changing shirts all the time, let alone wearing pants. Kevin doesn't tuck his shirt in his pants, just like Duarte.


  • Kevin wears a green striped shirt and tan pants; after wearing Steve's green striped shirt, he later wears Joe's square shirts, just with the difference of them being Rugby style instead of a T-Shirt.


  • Unlike Steve, he, along with Duarte, does not wear a belt after what happened last time (see Series 2 Episode 4).
  • Kevin appeared in all of the Joe episodes in the UK.
  • Kevin is known for his dance moves.
  • He had never worn the blue- and purple-colored square shirts that Joe wears.
  • The first time Kevin wears Joe's green-squared shirt was in Shape Searchers. He may have been asked by the producers of the UK version to change into a green-squared shirt since Steve left the US version and was replaced by Joe. Unlike Joe, his squared shirts are buttoned up instead of a shirt with an undershirt, at the end of the episode, he asked the viewers at home to write in and tell him what they think.