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"My little sister was 4 at the time, so that would put me around 7 years old when I watched it with her, I still remember my Tita’s (aunt’s) pink rug, because she was the only one with cable. So, we’d go over her house, switch the channel to Nickelodeon, and watch ‘Blue’s Clues’ with my cousin Gabby".

– Josh

Joshua "Josh" Craig Dela Cruz (born on March 23, 1989) is a Filipino-American actor, dancer, musician, and singer. He plays a fictional version of himself as the host in Blue's Clues & You!. He is the third main host of the franchise, after Steve Burns and Donovan Patton, whom are his cousins in the series.


Joshua was born in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. His parents were Filipino immigrants of Bicolano and Ilocano descent. Although he and his family has lived in the UAE and moved to Manila in the Philippines at some point, they eventually moved to the United States, where Joshua began a career in Broadway.

He had worked in theater for over a decade and now is currently working on film, television, music, and photography. He was previously seen as Aladdin in the Broadway production of Disney's Aladdin. However, in 2018, he quit Broadway because of his taping commitments in Blue's Clues & You! and the upcoming Blues Clues movie in 2022. Josh has a wife named Amanda, whom he married in 2016.

His dad’s name is Roger and His mom’s name is Adelfa. They immigrated from the Philippines to the Middle East. Josh's mom and dad essentially grew up in the Manila area. His mom was a nurse, who just retired this year. She got sponsored to work at a hospital in the Middle East with a bunch of friends.


  • When he was young, he watched the original Blue's Clues with his sister and cousin. He also had dreams to be the host, a dream which has since been fulfilled.
  • He studied at Montclair State University.
  • He is currently married to Amanda Philip, who is also a talented dancer.
    • The couple's pet dog is a maltipoo mix named Ollie, who goes with him when he stays in Toronto to film the series.
    • He is the second host who is revealed to have a pet dog, alongside Steve Burns who has a dog named Mickey for nostalgic purposes.
  • He also speaks the Filipino language in the episodes Blue's Big Baking Show and Sleepy Singalong with Blue.
  • Josh is an American citizen of Ilocano and Bicolano ethnicity.[1], pertaining to people native to the Ilocos Region and Bicol Region in the Philippines.[2][3]
  • While in Manila, he has tried balut, a local Filipino delicacy made out of an unhatched chicken embryo.
  • He has a Cameo website[4] and an Instagram account.[5]
  • He was interviewed by CNN Philippines, the local franchise of CNN in the country.[6]
  • The actress that plays Lola, Carolyn Fe is also of Filipino descent.
  • Josh's Middle Name is Craig.
  • He Called Him Kuya Josh During Cameo Video.
    • Kuya Means elder brother in Filipino



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