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"Josh Gets the Sniffles" is an episode of the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!. It is a remake of "Steve Gets the Sniffles".



Josh has the sniffles. We play Blue’s Clues to figure out what Blue thinks Josh needs to feel better.


  • Question: What does Blue think Josh needs to feel better?
  • Clues:
    1. A spoon
    2. A bowl
    3. Vegetables
  • Right Answer: Vegetable Soup
  • Incorrect Answer: Vegetable Dance with a spoon and a bowl


  • Cinnamon appears in this episode. He wasn't in the original "Steve Gets the Sniffles" because he wasn't born until season four.
  • Paprika and Cinnamon now join Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper in singing "Healthy Snacks" because they are older now.
  • Shovel and Pail do not appear in this episode. But they did in Steve Gets the Sniffles.
  • In the original, Steve tries to finish up the Mailtime song, but almost started to sneeze again by putting a tissue up to his nose before he sings the last mail, then says "Mail" calmly. In the reboot, when Josh tries to finish up the Mailtime song, he almost sneezed again by putting his elbow up to his face before singing the last "Mail", after this, he sings the last "Mail" normally like he usually does.
    • In the original, Blue howls the last "Mail" in a couple of seconds as Steve almost sneezes again. In the reboot, she did not howl the last "Mail" as Josh almost sneezes again. Also in the reboot, she barked after the Mailtime song was finished. In the original, she did not bark.
  • In the original, the video letter introduces a boy going to the doctor for a checkup. In the reboot, the video letter introduces a boy who made a get-well card for Josh.
  • In the original, Jill had fair skin, pink hair in long ponytails, a green dress with white flowers, pink cheeks, and pink shoes. In this version, Jill has dark skin, brown hair in two short ponytails, an orange dress with yellow flowers, red cheeks, pink tights, and blue and white sneakers.
  • In the original, Jill's bed had a red frame and a yellow and lime blanket. In this version, Jill's bed has a tan frame and a purple and white blanket.
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