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Josh is the host and main protagonist of Blue's Clues & You!, along with Blue. He is the third host of the franchise. Josh is also the main character in Blue's Big City Adventure.


Josh is Blue's third and current caretaker of the Blue's Clues House. He is a talented singer and guitarist, knows American Sign Language like his cousins and he is Steve and Joe's cousin.

He is optimistic, intelligent, quirky, cheerful, kind, nice, jolly, funny, silly, friendly, upbeat, energetic, playful, smart, sweet, and helpful. Like Steve, he will sometimes give out wrong answers during thinking time, but is delighted when the viewers help him find the right answer. He is the first host to wink more than one time in every single episode of Blue’s Clues & You. He often winks at the viewers. He is of Filipino descent, as mentioned in episodes Blue's Big Baking Show, Sleepy Singalong with Blue and Feelin' Filipino.

In Blue's Big City Adventure, Josh goes to New York City for his audition on Broadway.


Josh has brown eyes and black hair. He wears a blue striped shirt without a collar. He also wears jeans and blue sneakers with red laces. In Blue's Big City Adventure, Josh wears a short-sleeved, blue striped shirt and black shorts.


Josh made his first appearance in the premiere episode of Blue's Clues & You! (Meet Josh!). Before the reboot's debut, Josh was featured in a promotional photo and a teaser trailer. He makes a major appearance in Blue's Big City Adventure.


  • Like Steve, Josh is right-handed.
  • Unlike Steve & Joe, he is the only host to appear in the credits.
  • Josh is the first Blue's Clues host of Asian American descent.
    • Josh's actor, Joshua Dela Cruz, was born in the UAE and lived in the Philippines. He currently lives in the United States.
  • Josh speaks Filipino in the episode Blue's Big Baking Show and Sleepy Singalong with Blue.
  • He sometimes speaks the Filipino language with Lola, his grandmother.
  • He knows the song We Sat On Down in Bluestock (Blue's Clues & You!).
  • Josh's favorite color is blue, as revealed in Colors Everywhere with Blue.
  • After Josh moved into the house, Joe began working at the Present Store.
  • Unlike Steve and Joe, Josh does not have a stuffed animal.
  • According to an interview, Josh's favorite color is most likely green.
  • In the episode Blue's Mystery Present, Josh uses Joe's notebook instead of his own.
  • Josh was the 1st clue in (Playdate with Magenta), the 3rd clue in (Sleepy Singalong with Blue) and the 1st clue again in (Feelin' Filipino).
  • Josh appeared in Tiny Chef Show in a segment called "Dish With Chef" in two episodes such as Apple Pie and Mac and Cheese.
    • Josh also appeared in Face's Music Party which a stock footage of the Blue's Clues and You! songs and in Face’s Super Snowtacular Holiday Party, Josh also appeared in this episode. Josh helped make a cake with Blue, the spice family and Tiny Chef for making a super silly Christmas.
  • Joshua Dela Cruz had the choice of what his character's name could be with the other option being 'Ben'. As the actor sees the character as a part of him; he has decided to go with his name 'Josh'.[1]


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