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Joe's Clues is the fourth episode of Blue's Clues from the Sixth Season.

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Joe and Blue swap the roles of the game to figure out Joe's Surprise. The viewers help Blue search for Joe's Clues, solve riddles and turn many of the program's customs upside down along the way. Later, in Blue's Room, Blue plays Polka Dots' Puzzles with Polka Dots.


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  • Question: What is Joe's surprise for the Viewer & Blue?
  • Clues:
    • 1. Joe
    • 2. A Stage
    • 3. A Kazoo
  • Answer: A music show (The Joe Show)
  • Skidoo
    • Video Letter
    • Book of different places


  • This is the 4th episode where Blue skidooed twice from Blue's ABC Time Activities, Blue's Art Time Activities, and Blue's 123 Time Activities.
  • This is the second time the viewers interact with the video letter.
    • First was in The Lost Episode!.
      • Coincidentally, both of these episodes only had girls in the video letter.
  • During the Thinking Time segment, This is the only time Blue sits in the thinking chair and not Joe.
  • This is the only time Blue gets to be the hostess of an episode, and not Joe this time.
  • In the Blue's Room segment, there is a Polka Dots' version of Blue's Clues called "Polka Dots' Puzzles".
  • This is the second time Joe pretends to be Little Red Riding Hood. The first was in "Can You Help?", although, he did not dress like Little Red Riding Hood like in this episode.
  • At the end of Joe's show, the cheers and applause sound effect from Blue's Big Musical Movie and 100th Episode Celebration was heard. How come the cheers and applause sound effect can be heard when Joe had his show at the Blue's Clues house? He was only putting it on for Blue and the viewers.
  • This is the first time since Thankful that Sidetable appears in the credits.
  • Joe wears an orange squared shirt for most of this episode, but he changes into a yellow squared shirt when pretending to be a duck, then a green squared shirt when pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood.
  • This is the only episode not to feature Pawprints, except in the intro and credits.
  • The footage of Joe waving in the skidoo segment was used for the Nick Jr. intro in 2004.
    • Also the puppet version of Blue is in the intro too, as well as the cartoon version of her.
  • When Joe was performing Little Red Riding Hood, his voice cracks.
  • On The Gritty+, Tickety Tock says HOORAY!.
  • In the credits, a new version of upside-down Blue debuts. But in this episode, her ball is rolling around the credits at the same time. It stopped on top but Blue is at the bottom. She couldn't get her ball until the credits start scrolling. She was patient and got it. For some reason, Tickety has a new animation for just this episode, which also happened to Mailbox in Meet Polka Dots!. And finally, Sidetable Drawer gets her own regular animation, but she is giant in this episode. Then in this episode only, the rest of the characters scroll along with the credits. In order they are: Paprika (last credit appearance), Cinnamon (last credit appearance), Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Slippery, Shovel & Pail (last credit appearances), Polka Dots by himself (last credit appearance), Blue's Room (only credit appearance), Key, and Moona. Then when the credits stop scrolling, Blue appears in a close-up, peeking over. But in this episode, she hops to the right to get her ball and close the book, instead of ducking down like in The Fairy Tale Ball and Bluestock.


  • At one point, the close captioning reads that Blue is barking "We are looking for Blue's Clues", but technically, she's actually barking "We are looking for Joe's Clues". This also happens with the line "What Blue's Clues were all about", where she's actually barking "What Joe's Clues were all about".


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