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"It's Your Birthday!" is the nineteenth episode of the second season and the thirty-ninth episode overall in the reboot series Blue's Clues & You!.



In this episode, Blue and her friends are throwing a pretend birthday party for the viewer at home. DJ Slip is spinning the tracks, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are baking up a cake, and everyone is playing Blue's Clues to figure out what game Blue wants to play at the party. To celebrate the big day, Blue and her friends play 'Pin the Tail on the Puppy' and skidoo to Birthday World to gather prizes to fill a birthday piñata.


The episode starts with Josh opening the door, telling the viewer that they have been making a pretend birthday party for him/her. As he and Blue shout, "Happy Birthday!", confetti starts raining down from the ceiling. As Josh is distracted by the confetti, Blue runs up and she licks the screen, causing Josh to laugh. He then shows the viewer that they're getting everything ready for their party. The party had almost everything it needed: Music, snacks, decorations, and a special birthday game. As usual, the episode goes through its usual "Play Blue's Clues" song. When it's over, Josh hears birthday music and runs to the stereo, and sings the Happy Birthday Song. And that's when the viewers spot the first clue on the music. Josh puts it in his notebook. Then he hears Magenta barking and tells the viewer that she's here for their birthday party.

In the backyard, we notice Magenta running toward the screen saying "Happy birthday" in barks and licking the screen. Confetti rains from the top of the screen and onto the grass. Magenta plants a board on the tree which was the game known as, "Pin the Tail On the Puppy." She brought it just for the viewer. Blue starts her turn and places the tail very close to the spot, the same with Magenta on her turn. When it's the viewer's turn, Josh tells them that he'll hold the tail, and the viewer will tell him which way to go. The tail gets pinned in just the right spot and Josh, Blue and Magenta look impressed. The puppies run over and embrace the viewer by licking them, making Josh laugh. He says that the viewer is very good at the game, but then he realizes that they still needed to find two more clues to figure out the answer to what game Blue wants to play at their birthday party. The viewers spot the second clue on a red octagon. Josh puts it in the notebook, and then the mail arrives.

At mailtime, Mailbox has a birthday card for the viewer. After mailtime, we skidoo into Birthday World and get the pinata all filled up and skidoo back to the house. The third clue is spotted, and at Thinking Time, we figure out that it's Freeze Dance, the game Blue wanted to play. Slippery Soap is the DJ at Freeze Dance, and then, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper come with a birthday cake, everyone sings happy birthday, and the viewers blow out the candle. Then, Blue pulls on the pinata, causing everything to come out onto the ground, ending the episode.


  • Question: What game does Blue want to play at the party?
  • Clues:
    1. Music
    2. Stop
    3. Dancing
  • Answer: Freeze Dance
  • Wrong Answer: Play music and dance around a stop sign
  • Living Room Picture: Birthday World
  • Skidoo Location: Birthday World


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This episode is available for streaming on Paramount Global's video streaming service Paramount+.


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